Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Bloggers!

I was going through some of my Whatever Wednesday posts and realized I have never really mentioned some of my favorite bloggers to stalk ;). I love blogging but also LOVE following other peoples blogs. They inspire me, give me great ideas, and I feel like I know them even though we have never met or chatted.
This is probably going to be quite a range of different types of blogs but I love them all!


1. Mix and Match Family- This family is awesome! You have to at least just go to the website and read her 'about me' page. Not only is their family so cute but they just adopted an adorable little girl from China and share so many fun and incredible stories on their blog so go and check them out.


2. One Little Momma- This is a fashion blog and this lady is STYLIN! I mostly just adore her hair and since we have similar hair styles and everything, I can learn a lot from her blog. All the other bloggers I follow have long hair so that is a main reason I love this lady. Not to mention her style is also SO cute!

3. Southern Curls and Pearls- I adore this girls clothes and her blog in general could seriously become an addiction. I could scroll through there for DAYS and never get bored. Her fashion sense is very preppy and classy which is straight up my alley, so naturally I was drawn to her blog.

4. Momfessionals- This sounds crazy but I ADORE reading this lady just talk about her family because her kids are so stinkin cute and are always dressed so precious. She is super crafty and savvy and is full of tips and ideas. Not to mention she has such cute party ideas.

These Bombshell Oreo Brownies are super fudgy, loaded with Oreo cookies and simple to make! They're everything a brownie should be!
5. Cookies and Cups- I usually always bake from recipes I find out of cookbooks or randomly on Pinterest but this baking blog gives me inspiration and good ideas ALL the time. Her food photography skills are great too.

6. A Spoonful of Style- This is another one of my favorite fashion blogs. She is super cute and just had a beautiful baby girl which she also dresses beautifully. Her style is very classy and gorgeous so check her out too.

7. Tone It Up- This is a blog written by Karena and Katrina, two gorgeous fitness trainers whose workouts KICK MY BUTT! They have great series and their workouts are really amazing. Not to mention they also share really good healthy recipes.

8. The Sweetest Thing Blog- This girl is SO fashionable and always has the cutest heels for REAL! Not to mention her dog is also so adorable I want to squeeze him. Check her out for some great fashion inspiration.

9. Blogilates- I started this girls YouTube workouts a few weeks ago and HOLY COW! She is going to kill me. I have already started to improve and seriously get stronger. I never thought I could build muscle without weights that much but she CLEARLY has proved me wrong. Blood, sweat, and tears are put into these workouts... literally. Her blog has some more info about her and her workouts. She is awesome!!!!

10. Hello Gorgeous- You may know Matt Lanter from 90210 or Star Crossed... well his wife is one of my top bloggers! Her name is Angela and not only does she have great style but also great beauty tips on her YouTube channel as well. She seems to be such a sweet heart and her and Matt are ADORABLE.
I hope you all enjoyed this post and check these lovelies out! These are my personal favs to check every day and I never get tired of seeing what they have to share. Who are your favorite bloggers? Comment below or email me!

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