Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What to do in Charleston and Edisto Island SC - Travel With Me!

Hi everyone and happy Hump Day! Today I am very excited to share with you a post about my trip to Charleston and Edisto Island SC where I went last week on vacation. It was super relaxing but we also had a few fun activities planned as well for the week.

Lodging and Island Things!
We checked into the Wyndham Resort we were staying at on Edisto Island. This whole island was pretty desolate even for spring break so it was super relaxing and a great time to spend with my fam! I would recommend this as a place to stay because it simply has so much to do around the island and a lot of helpful resources. We took advantage of the tennis courts, heated pools, putt putt course, wellness center, etc... There is one beach access way that has the most beautiful sunset. While you are watching the gorgeous sunset you can also watch dolphins in the water also that are active at certain times. Overall, though this island doesn't have too many people or too much activity, I found that aspect nice and relaxing.

This category isn't going to last too long because we ate at the same restaurant every time we ate out. We fell in love with Whaleys. Don't be frightened when you pull up at what used to be a gas station and there are no lights around the whole place. The party is definitely inside. Around dinner time, this is where you can find all the locals. This is definitely a hole-in-the-wall gem that offers some INCREDIBLE seafood. Probably some of the best I have ever had and I live not far from the beach where there are plenty of seafood places. GREAT food. Not to mention our waiter was the sweetest and most hilarious guy ever. My sister loved the place so much she bought a t-shirt there.

Other than that place, we prepared some meals in our hotel room from the local Bi-lo. This is the only store on this island so thankfully they have good options for as small as it is. I was impressed to actually find lactaid milk and gluten free bread. Again though, nicest workers EVER!
Charleston Activities!
Patriots Point- This was probably my favorite part of the whole vacation! Touring the Naval USS Yorktown Ship. This isn't something that initially would spark my interest too much but let me tell you that after six hours there I probably could have spent six more. Even though you are touring it, it feels more like playing spy as a kid because since it is a ship you go down latters and guide yourself. You get to see where all the sailors slept, ate, played cards, got haircuts, got treated for injury, etc... At one point you go all the way down to the engine room that is 25 feet below sea level. I still cant believe that people lived on this ship or ones like them, including my own grandfather. I am so grateful for all of them. Probably one of the coolest things I have ever toured EVER! Really interesting.

(Their dentist room)

(Captains Seat)

(It was pretty windy up on the deck where they landed the planes on the ship)

 (Workin' them big guns)

(Haircut place for the soldiers)
Palmetto Carriage Tour- This was a fantastic horse drawn carriage tour that was super informative and perfect length. We had the nicest and funniest tour guide and she took us around different areas of Charleston and showed us the most popular area and facts along with the hidden places and facts we would have otherwise never known. This tour was also great for giving us a layout for the area so we could walk from place to place without getting lost later. Totally recommend this carriage tour.

The Historic Charleston City Market- This was what most of our day consisted of when we went to downtown Charleston one day because seriously it is HUGE. I feel like this market and rainbow road are the two iconic Charleston assets. There are these women who weave these baskets in front of you and they are incredible. All these independent sellers offer such awesome and unique things. There are things like cookbooks, sauces, paintings, house d├ęcor, a lot of jewelry, clothing, and SO many more unique things. You could spend all day there. I bought a charm for my chain charm bracelet that has a horse drawn carriage and says Charleston on it and I also bought this HUGE necklace that I LOVED. You will definitely see this in a fashion Friday post!

I also recommend just walking around and touring some of the historic homes and churches. They are gorgeous and interesting to learn about real quick!

Here is an outfit I wore out to eat once that I thought you might like to see!

Whatever Wednesday
I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and maybe have an interest in visiting sometime soon! I really enjoyed this trip and had a nice relaxing time while also seeing something new. Where is your favorite place to travel?? Comment below or email me! Talk to you on Friday!


  1. What lovely photos! They're so bright and colourful ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. It is quite a colorful town! Glad you enjoyed it :)

      Juliana Grace

  2. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Could I use one or two of them to make my "Scripture Sunday" photo? I'll definitely link it back to you :)

    1. Absolutely!! I look forward to reading it!!

      Juliana Grace


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