Thursday, October 9, 2014

Middle School Makeup/ Makeup for Beginners!

Hi everybody! I hope you are all just dandy today! I am SO sorry I haven't posted in over a week! This week was exam week at my school so I had a lot of studying and projects that had to be done and didn't want to just throw up any bad posts! I am bringing you a post today featuring my sister Meredith who is my bestie! I thought it would be appropriate to have her in this post because this is going to be all about middle school makeup or makeup for beginners who want a simple routine to get them started. Warning, she uses all Clinique as did I when I was in middle school, but if you prefer something else, you can refer to just the type of makeup she is using. Anything similar will work as well! Let me walk you through all she does, and what she uses.

A good light weight foundation is ideal for beginners. When you are in middle school and have to rush out the door in the morning for school you don't want to deal with so much makeup so minimal is best. We all however, get those lovely blemishes every now and then, especially in our teen years and considering that is one battle you just cant seem to win, a foundation that will cover up certain spots all day long is necessary. My sister uses the Clinique Superbalanced Makeup and loves it. I have talked more about this foundation here as I still to this day love that foundation and where it so often! 

Meredith just sets her face with the Clinique Transparent Powder which is so great for light coverage because it sets the foundation and helps it last longer, without adding any color or extra coverage to the face. Transparent or Translucent powder is totally necessary for young girls! My sister likes to use the Clinique Powder Brush for this one but any brush will work.

Meredith uses a duo that I used when I was in middle school called the Clinique Strawberry Fudge Eye Duo which is super natural looking but gives your eyes a little sheen which every girly girl wants! She applies the pink shade to her lid and the brown shade in the crease.

Well my sister has freaky long eye lashes so she barely has to touch her lashes with mascara to make them look long and beautiful but the one she uses and loves is the Clinique High Impact Mascara which does wonders! 

Lip Stick:
When you are in middle school you probably don't want to wear anything to bold so a lip balm or light lipstick is probably good. My sister uses a light pink shade to moisturize her lips and that is all!

 Finished look: 
Taaddaa! This is the finished look! This look is super natural and pretty for young girls who want to start wearing makeup or get a routine going. I hope some of the tips were helpful and you enjoyed!
Feel free to comment any more suggestions or email me with anything also!
Hope you enjoyed! Talk to you soon!

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