Friday, May 16, 2014

Decor- Door Quotes

One thing I am not very good at is art. I have never been good at crafts or painting or drawing so when I find me a little artsy project that is easy yet enjoyable, I am always excited. Something I started doing about 2 years ago is putting note cards on the back of my door with my favorite quotes on them. I am OBSESSED with good quotes off my Pinterest and thought I would cover the back of my door with them. I started with the quotes on neon note cards but then switched them over to white and wrote them in colors that matched my room so it looked less tacky. My room is pink, cream, and has some pops of mint. Basically my room is kind of vintage-teeny looking if that makes any sense. :)
This is a super easy and enjoyable thing to do. If you love quotes as much as I do you will definitely enjoy writing quotes and putting them in your room as time goes on. Below are some pictures of my door of quotes.

What other types of decorating posts would you like to see? Comment below! Tell me if you try this as well! You can email me with any questions or thoughts also.
Hope you all enjoyed! Talk to you soon!

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