Sunday, May 28, 2023

Green & White Pickleball Outfits

If you all follow me on Instagram, you already know my recent obsession with pickleball. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, and I can understand why. I have found so much joy in going every night to play with friends and meeting new people while being active. 

Part of the fun for me now, is finding cute new styles to wear to the pickleball courts! I am all about being comfortable and playing my best, but it definitely helps when you feel cute too.


This green and white top is a Walmart find and I love it for playing pickleball, and for wearing out casually. The skort is from JCrew and it is such a steal right now considering it feels very thick and high quality. 

I can't get enough of fun shoes and pickleball jewelry. Now that pickleball has taken off, you can find such cute accessories for the sport. These earrings from Canvas Style's pickleball collection are precious!! I may have ordered a few other styles, ha!

I can't wait to share more pickleball fits soon. You can click here to shop the outfit. 

You can shop the collage here

Have you every played before? What color styles should I style for pickleball next? We'll chat soon!



  1. I love how you've embraced pickleball and made it not just about the sport but also about expressing your personal style. It's fantastic to see that you're finding joy in playing pickleball and enjoying the social aspect of it as well. Thank you for sharing your pickleball journey and fashion finds. Keep enjoying the game and inspiring others with your fabulous outfits. Looking forward to your next update!

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  6. Your enthusiasm for pickleball is truly infectious! It's wonderful to see how you've embraced this booming sport and even integrated it into your style. The green and white top from Walmart looks like a versatile addition to your wardrobe, perfect for both the pickleball court and casual outings. And that skort from JCrew seems like quite a steal, offering both quality and style.

    I couldn't agree more about the fun accessories – those pickleball earrings from Canvas Style's collection are adorable! It's amazing how pickleball has inspired such cute accessories.

    Looking forward to more of your pickleball outfit inspirations. It's evident that you're having a blast with this sport. As for color styles, how about exploring some vibrant options that not only showcase your personality but also keep you energized on the court? Can't wait to see your future pickleball fashion choices! And speaking of staying active, if you're ever in need of fitness tips or looking for a **weight loss clinic in Atlanta**, feel free to reach out. Keep up the great work!

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