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Happy Wednesday everyone! I have had so much going on lately, including a second job which I am SO excited about. I have however still found time to watch some good movies on Netflix and I wanted to share them with you. Pop some popcorn and get comfy y'all. I am sharing movies that are new and released only on Netflix, along with movies I have loved from the theaters or in the past that are now on Netflix also. Click on the titles of each of the movies to see the trailer.

New On Netflix:

This one is based off the trilogy that I read last year and loved. I was at first slightly disappointed by the movie (because duh! the book is always better), but after watching it a few times, I have to say it is so cute. This is a cheesy rom-com that is very entertaining and so fun. I recommend it for a girls night!

This one also features the hottie Noah Centineo, and is a really deep and emotional rom-com. This covers the topic of body image and I thought the characters did a great job. Once again, just a really cute and fun movie.

This movie is also based off a book that I read and LOOOVED a few months ago. Because I loved the book so much and it was written completely in the form of letters, I was worried the movie would be a huge disappointment. Although the movie definitely took creative liberty with the story line, it worked. It really worked. It is obviously missing details the book has and leaves certain events out, but the movie is just as charming as the book and is cast PERFECTLY. I HIGHLY recommend this charming story (and the book too of course).

Older Movies Now on Netflix:

If you know me you probably know that this movie is tied with ELF as my favorite movie of all time (don't worry, they are nothing alike). This is a story set in a 1980's hair salon and it is funny, heartbreaking, and southern. What more could you want?? Go watch it!

Marvel fans, you surely already know this is on Netflix now right? I am not a huge Marvel junkie, but have to admit this one was great and has excellent representation. If you didn't catch it in theaters, you can now watch it at home!

Talk about a tear jerker. My mom and I read the book of this true story a couple years ago and went last year to see the movie in theaters. It was beautiful. Again, this is a true story, and a tear jerker, but it is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. Grab some tissues and WATCH THIS!

Don't judge I know this is a children's animated movie but I LOVE this one. My sister and I loved it so much in the theaters we made our parents watch it too and y'all, we all laughed out loud. It was such a hit. This movie is so adorable and funny. Great for a family night that the kids and adults in the room will love.

Okay, so this is a total cheesy Disney movie starring Selena Gomez but my sister and I were OBSESSED with this movie in our early teens. Like, learned-every-dance-move obsessed. If you were weird like us, you will be happy to know, it is now on Netflix.

This isn't a movie but I just had to mention it anyways! I love a good baking show, mainly because the creativity of people under pressure blows my mind. This baking show is a race against time and contestants use some of the strangest flavors to create delicious desserts. Check this one out!

Well there you have it folks. What are some of your favorite Netflix movies out right now? Let me know! I will talk to you again soon!

Hi everyone! I am so happy to share what books I enjoyed during August. I had kind of a rollercoaster of books this month. Some I loved, some I hated, some were just eh. I read ELEVEN different books though so there is bound to be something you will like too.

Let's get into it y'all!

Dead Mountain by: Donnie Eicher
I was so pumped to read this book y'all! It is about an American documentary filmmaker who sets out to solve the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident that took place years ago in Russia. The evidence is so contradicting and no one has been able to understand why these very experienced hikers were found dead scattered in different spots from their campsites without shoes or appropriate clothing on. WHAT? It was so confusing the whole book.
Although I grasped on to this story immediately I will say that when it got down to the actual explanation and answers, it went over my head. I can't expand on that without giving too much away but it was rather difficult to understand but also amazing and scary at the same time.
The other thing that made this book hard to understand was the names of individuals involved. Because this incident took place in Russia and all the names are obviously Russian, I immediately confused them with one another. I feel that I could have latched on to this story even more had I had a better comprehension of who the people involved were. Again this isn't anything that could have been changed, but it did make it slightly harder to feel attached to the story.

Rate: 3 Stars!

Love & Luck by: Jenna Evans Welch
I really enjoyed how different this book was from so many other YA Fiction books I have read. First of all, I love that Jenna Evans Welch used the location to the advantage of the story and how the beauty and wonder of Ireland, where the story takes place, really progressed the story along. I love when authors use their setting to their advantage and describe it so well, you feel like you're on a journey with the characters. I also loved how this story is mainly about sibling relationships and friendships rather than a romantic relationship, which is rare in cute YA Fiction. This is a quick read, and I recommend everyone give it a shot! I can't wait to read her first book Love & Gelato, which I believe is set in Italy.

Rate: 4 Stars

Castle Of Water by: Dane Huckelbridge
I saw a few bloggers talk about this book and was excited because it reminded me of the books that sparked my love for reading in elementary school. This is an adult story about two individuals from completely different backgrounds who end up stranded on an island after surviving a plane crash.
Sadly, I did not finish this book. I made it about halfway but unfortunately the third person narrative bored me. In something as intense as a plane crash and years on a deserted island, I want perspective into the characters thoughts and feelings rather than plain descriptions of events unfolding. The language in this book was also very gruesome and I had a feeling there would be events to follow suit.

Rate: After making it half way, I decided not to finish this book. I have heard a lot of good things from others, but I don't recommend personally.

By Your Side by: Kasie West 
Who else better to get you out of a reading funk than my girl Kasie West? If you read my July reading recap, you know I read three of her books and loved EACH one. They are so light but gripping and are everything I wish for in a quick YA Fiction book. After not such good luck with my last book, I decided to pick up one I was certain to like, and I most definitely did. Kasie West can do no wrong!
This book is about two high school students from completely different social groups, who get locked in a library together for an entire weekend. They can't stand each other at first but come to realize there is a lot more to people than what meets the eye. Their friendship is on the rocks however when they realize the real world is harsher than the library.
This book started a little slower for me than her other books, but overall it was everything I expected!

Rate: 4 Stars!

The Myth of Perpetual Summer by: Susan Crandall
Hoorah, for the first FIVE star book of the month! This one reminded me of a southern version of The Great Alone which I read last month and LOVED. This book is told in an interesting way and keeps you interested even when the plot is slow moving which is always a sign of phenomenal writing. This book is about a dysfunctional and broken family living in a small southern town full of gossip and segregation. Readers are immediately attached to the main character Tallulah and are dying to find out how her family fell apart years before. As the book goes on, we're left wondering if this broken family is beyond repair or if Tallulah will ever find peace with her past. This story is SO good y'all. You have to read it!

Rate: 5 Stars!!!

Listen to Your Heart by: Kasie West
After another deep and heart wrenching book I decided to pick up a book by my favorite cotton candy writer Kasie West!! I read this book in a day as always with her books and again, loved every minute of it. This book is about a love triangle that centers around Kate and her podcast class. First of all, why isn't a podcast class a real high school elective yet? I SO would have been about that. This is a really cute story for summer and I highly recommend.

Rate: 5 Stars!!

Crazy Rich Asians by: Kevin Kwan
I was so excited to read this book because the movie was coming out in a few days at the time, but let me tell you, this book STUNK. There were far too many characters to feel attached to and the author just constantly recountes how much each character spends on houses and clothes and I think it was pretty much a waste of paper. Don't recommend! I will say however that the movie was BOMB and I loved it!

Rate: 1 Star

Talking as Fast as I Can by: Lauren Graham
It is no secret I have a deep rooted love for Gilmore Girls. My sister and I watched every episode in order together, while sitting on one of our beds eating junk food and giggling at the witty banter between Lorelai and her daughter Rory. You can understand therefore, why I would be SO excited to listen to Lauren Graham's book. Her acting in Gilmore Girls is phenomenal and the show is a gem. I didn't think this could possibly happen, but after listening to Lauren Graham narrate her own book, I love her a little more (just a little) than the sarcastic, hard working character she plays, Lorelai.
If you are a fan on this show, you would LOVE her book. I highly suggest the audiobook because it truly makes you feel as though you're besties with Lauren. Casual right? Hearing her take on events throughout her life had me laughing out loud! READ/LISTEN to this book NOW!!

Rate: 5 Stars!!

Evicted by: Matthew Desmond
I was very excited to read this book along with some other book lovers on Instagram for a virtual book club. This is written by a Harvard sociologist who is passionate about changing the demographic surrounding evictions in America. This book certainly brought to my attention the problems within this broken system but sadly I didn't feel like I finished with many solutions. I am always on board to read a book that will give me insight into how a population of people different from me feel, but I hate when authors don't present clear solution in the end. Overall, I think this author did a great job telling the stories of these individuals who have faced multiple evictions, however I sometimes felt lost with all the names and people mentioned. It was hard to keep track of who was who. Overall, because of all the recognition and awards this book received I was expecting a tad bit more. A book that is a little more personal like Becoming Ms. Burton, is further up my alley. I do recommend this book though. It is very informative and can really carve room for compassion in your heart for others.

Rate: 3 Stars

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by: Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
I will be honest, I never heard of this book until I saw that Netflix was turning it into a movie. I always feel that I owe the book a read before ever watching the movie adaptation so I decided to pick it up. The cashier at Barnes and Noble raved about how much she loved it and since then, I have heard nothing but good things about it. After reading it myself I can say that I loved this book y'all! Definitely one of my favorites of the year so far.
 It is told in a series of letters which is so different than anything I have read recently and it really challenged me. This was one of those books that reminded me of why I love to read. It transported me so vividly to Guernsey and created such strong feelings of love and hate for certain characters. This is a true sign of a talented author. I feel as though I am an honorary member of this society and would love it you were too. READ IT!

Rate: 5 Stars!

Where'd You Go Bernadette by: Maria Semple
I have heard such great things about this book and was so excited to pick it up but it fell slightly short. It was okay and it made for a quick read but the story was just plain odd sometimes. The review quotes on the cover stated that this book is so "funny" and "comedic" but I don't know where they got that from. I mean there were parts that I could tell were supposed to be funny but the writing didn't sell it for me. The story was okay but I didn't quite understand some of the characters. Again, the writing and style of the book was a bit odd but not completely unenjoyable.

Rate: 3 Stars

Love and Gelato by: Jenna Evan Welch
After starting and  not really feeling several books I picked up, I decided to go with the first book by Jenna Evan Welch. I loved Love & Luck earlier in the month and couldn't wait to give this one a try also. I loved it even more!!
This story is set in Italy following a girl who just lost her mom and is meeting her father for the first time. There is love, heartbreak, and lot's of Italian food. Just what I needed. Couldn't recommend this one enough!

Rate: 5 Stars!

Cheers to another great reading month, and learning more and more. I want to hear what books YOU have read this past month. I love recommendations of all kinds. Comment your absolute favs! I have already started thinking about what books I want to read this September and can't wait to share.

I am also going to try to get on my blogging game this month, after slacking big time in August. Talk to you soon!

I can't believe July is already almost over and the school year is approaching so quickly. I am super excited though to share with you the books I read this past month. Unfortunately with a full Fall semester approaching, I might not be able to read this many books in one month for a while.

I can't wait to hear what you have read this past month, and what books sound good to you! Let's get to the recap.

The Wonder by Emma Donoghue
I loved Room by Emma Donoghue so I was excited to read this one but what. a. BORE! I am sorry, but I could not even finish this book. I don't recommend. 

Rate: 1 Star

Love, Life, and the List by: Kasie West
I have heard a lot about several of Kasie West's books, and thought it was about time I read one. I LOVED this book y'all. I read it in one complete day, and was frustrated each time I had to stop to do something else, haha. This is the story about a young girl in high school who is an aspiring artist, has a mother suffering from mental illness, and is helplessly in love with her best friend. This is such a cute YA Fiction novel and I really recommend it.

Rate: 5 Stars!

Becoming Ms. Burton by: Susan Burton
My dad listened to this audio book a few months ago and told me that I had to read it. I couldn't get enough of this story. Susan Burton is so inspiring and this book gives hope to anyone thinking that they are beyond repair or too small to fix anything they are passionate about. Ms. Burton was in and out of prison throughout her life before miraculously turning her life around to lead the fight for incarcerated women. This book was incredibly eye opening to the flaws in the prison system, along with racial issues. I have a new found respect and compassion for women who have been in prison or have been raised in neighborhoods where using drugs is second nature.  I highly recommend EVERYONE read this book.

Rate: 5 Stars!

Right Where You Left Me by: Calla Devlin
This book is a great quick-read. This is the story of a young girl whos father is a journalist and goes across the world to cover a story on the damage and after shocks of a deadly earthquake. Her life stops as she knows it when the FBI comes knocking on her door following news that her father has gone missing. I really liked that this book packed a lot of detail into a fairly short book and didn't waste any time getting to the good stuff. 

Rate: 4 Stars!

On the Fence by: Kasie West
So far, Kasie West is two for two. I loved this book by her almost as much as the first one I read earlier this month. I loved this story about a high school tom-boy raised in a houseful of brothers struggling to find her identity when she starts living a double life. I found this book fairly deep for a YA Fiction book and loved it!

Rate: 4 Stars!

Desert Rose by: Edythe Scott Bagley
I was excited to read this book about the life and legacy and Coretta Scott King (the wife of Martin Luther King Jr.) written by her older sister. I was sadly disappointed by this book. I picked it up with intentions of learning a lot about Coretta and the book read more like a history textbook about her husband and the Civil Rights Movement. I will say though that is very interesting to learn about and I have so much more knowledge now about the movement and the risks the King family took. I was just disappointed that I didn't learn all that much about the personal details of their life like I was hoping. I guess her sister didn't feel right exposing everything, and left Coretta to do that in her own book. It was often hard to read, but still okay.

Rate: 2.5 Stars

My Not So Perfect Life by: Sophie Kinsella
I listened to this on audiobook and it was cute but often times boring. I loved that it is set in London and the British narrator made it so much better. It was so relaxing to listen too and the story made me laugh. I will say that the story was pretty pointless and dragged on though. It was overall pretty cute, and I think I might try one of Sophie Kinsella's other books at some point.

Rate: 2 Stars

99 Days by: Katie Cotugno
It is almost hilarious how much I hated the main character and how little sympathy I had for her. I really liked Katie Cotugno's writing but wow did she create a really unlikable main character and that really ruined the book for me. I think the other characters would have been okay, except that everyone in this book just kept purposefully making poor decisions and hurting each other. I laughed out loud at one point at how stupid the main character was. Somehow though, I still want to read the sequel to see how her life turns out! Haha!

Rate: 2.5 Stars

My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan
This was just the book I needed to read this month. It was PERFECT!! I didn't really know before hand what this book was about before I picked it up at the library and I think going into it blindly, made it so much better. This story is about politics, hard work, heartbreak, and is set at Oxford University in England. My favorite part was the language and British colloquialisms in this book. I felt smart reading it. This is one of my most favorite books. I will definitely be purchasing this one to lend to family and friends.

Rate: 5 Stars!!

Fish in a Tree by: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
I love to expand my knowledge of diverse reads for middle grades and was so impressed by this book about a girl in 6th grade who has dyslexia. I feel that so many students will be able to relate to her. As a read aloud I don't think this book would take very much time at all. It was quick but effective and I think every classroom needs a copy!

Rate: 5 Stars!

The Great Alone by: Kristin Hannah
I should have known. I really should have known. After reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah a few months ago (which I deemed my favorite book of all time) I decided to give myself some time to heal before reading another book by her. You think I am joking. Y'all, this book WRECKED me too. What is wrong with this woman!! Kristin Hannah has beautiful writing and her books are incredible. This one was ranked right up there, veerryy close to The Nightingale for me, which is saying ALOT. The only reason it doesn't tie with that book as my favorite ever, is that it felt it could have been split into two books because so much happened. It is still incredible though!
This is a story of a broken family, post Vietnam war, living in the "last frontier" in Alaska. This book spans over a long period of time and shows the harsh reality of living in Alaska, as well as the deteriorating mental state of a an abusive husband and father. Friends, go read it. You were warned though, it's a tear jerker!

Rate: 500 Stars!!!!

The Distance Between Us by: Kasie West
After reading such an intense book I decided to read a book by my holy grail, Kasie West. She has quickly turned into my go-to author for YA fiction. This is the third book I have read of hers and I can't wait to read more next month. This one did not disappoint! I loved this story of two teens who have no idea what they want to do after college and decide to try and figure each others life out. Their relationship is strained however, due to their drastic family differences and financial classes. I loved this one!

Rate: 5 Stars!

Man, twelve books!! I suddenly realize why my Biology grade has started to slip. Maybe next month I will read more of my textbook! :) Ha! Do any of these look good to you? Let me know!

I also love getting recommendations from you as well. Let me know in the comments below what you think I would enjoy! Have a great weekend friends.

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am so excited to finally get this post up. It has felt like forever since I had a post up with all my recent favorite finds and updates. This is going to be a long one, so let's get into it. 

New Job
Probably the major new thing I have had going on is switching jobs. I am in college and have been working at Publix since I was 16. It was a great company to work for, and it taught me so much. However, I was very excited to leave. I may end up working retail again one day, but for now I will stick to what I am doing. Speaking of, my new job is SO stinkin' fun! I am working for an online company teaching Chinese kids to speak English. Being a part time ESL teacher is right up my alley and looks great on a resume as a future teacher. 

Meet EMIR!! He is a 10 year old boy with special needs living in an HIV-affected area. How precious is he? A major perk to my new job was finally making enough to sponsor a child through Compassion. Compassion is one of my favorite charities and their sponsorship program is amazing. My family has sponsored two girls through them since I was born, which has been amazing, but I have a whole new respect for the charity after signing up on my own. I can't wait to receive letters from Emir and learn all about him! Compassion is working to rescue children from poverty in Jesus' name and I would love to answer any questions you have. I encourage you to also browse their website here.

I have been debating getting a Kindle Paperwhite ever since I realized you can get free E-books from the library and come Amazon Prime Day, I couldn't resist. Y'all, I am obsessed with this little guy! It is so adorable and has a lot of great features. I personally like the glare free screen that protects your eyes and the vocabulary builder feature that allows you to look up any word you don't understand. You can share books with others who have Kindles and connect to Goodreads also. I am mainly obsessed with how easily it can be brought everywhere with me, due to it's compact size. You can find my rose gold case here

 I have never been in a Stein Mart until I went on vacay to Siesta Key and bought this adorable dress which comes in several colors and is currently under 20$. I was slightly in a rush but I would have loved more time to shop! If you are looking for professional or classy, casual styles, I would check them out. 

The Staircase
I have not finished this true crime documentary yet on Netflix but I am getting close. I still don't know if I think the suspect is innocent or guilty! I really recommend this one, it's SO good y'all! Watch the trailer here

My Library
This is so nerdy, but I LOVE spending time in the library. I for so long I just forgot that I could check out multiple books for free with a simple trip to the library. I never realized though too that I would have access to free E-books and Audiobooks as well. Being able to check out books without any cost to me, has expanded my taste in books completely and made me a more advanced reader. 

My sister and I gifted my dad some crazy socks for Fathers Day and we were all so impressed with the quality of not only Johns socks, but the customer service and quick arrival of our order as well. If you don't follow John on Instagram, you totally should because his videos always make my day. I love finding individuals with down syndrome and supporting their businesses! #nothingdownaboutit

I love following people on Instagram who recommend great books and I love following Kate. Her pictures are so esthetically pleasing (haha), and I love her funny Insta Stories! You should check her out for great book recs!

PHEW! I told you it was a lot to talk about. I hope you found some great recommendations here friends. As always if you have any questions or thoughts on anything please comment below, or feel free to email me: jgraceblog@gmail.com . 

I will talk to you on Friday, with my MASSIVE July book recap and reviews. Get pumped y'all!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far. I am so stinkin' busy I feel like my blog has taken a back seat, which is okay. I do miss sharing everything with y'all though, and have some great posts planned coming up.

Currently I am finishing out my two weeks at my second job and I am so excited to solely focus on just the one I am passionate about. I am also trying to finish up this super hard summer biology class I am taking, ugh. My half marathon training has officially started as well, so I am trying to stay committed to my training plan through runDisney so that I am well prepared come race day in November. I am exhausted just sharing all of that. I have been keeping up with my reading though, and have some GREAT books to share at the end of this month with you. If you want to keep updated with me, the best way to do it would be on Instagram here. Come chat with me!

With that said, my sister and I went to the Loft Outlet a few weeks ago and I picked up several really cute tops that I just had to share with you. The first one I am sharing with you today, is just precious. Living in Florida, I am always looking for tops with breathable material and as little of it as possible (while still being appropriate to wear everywhere of course, haha) and this top is so nice. It is breezy and light without being see through or feeling cheap. You need it girl! The Loft Outlet has such great prices for the quality of clothing, and it truly is a dangerous place for me come payday! (:

You can shop my top here for under $27!!

(The whole entire time we were taking these photos, we didn't realize the strings in the back weren't tied, haha! It looks even cuter when it is.)

Isn't it cute? I hope you have a great rest of your week, I will talk to you very soon!

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