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Hi everyone. I am sorry for the absence on my blog and social media since Wednesday. As you can imagine, myself, like many others, were deeply distraught at the news of the 17 high school students shot and killed by a former student in a Parkland Florida Public School. As a future teacher and someone who values the privilege we have to acquire an education in what should be a safe environment, I was very sad to see the videos and articles of students recalling the events of the horrific day.

Regardless of if you want to blame this tragedy on mental health or gun control, and regardless of which side of the political isle you fall, we can agree there needs to be a change. 18 school shootings in 24 days is NOT okay. Do we need to get strict on gun control? Do we need to be better about recognizing mental health concerns? Does the media need to stop portraying violent acts in video games and TV shows that desensitize people and lower our value of human life? Maybe a great start would be the FBI taking tips about individuals with potential to do this harm seriously. 

I don't know the exact answer but if doing one or all of those things would keep SEVENTEEN innocent children from being killed, don't you think it is worth considering. Take your political values out of it and throw away your pride people, we need a change. 

I love the way Megyn Kelly on the TODAY show spoke about the shooting. 

More than anything, this country needs love. The greatest love I have ever known is the love of Jesus. Prayer results in change. Don't say you will pray. PRAY.

I will resume with regular blog posts next week but I wanted those of you who maybe haven't researched this event or seen much news coverage to get a real sense of what these victims are experiencing and spend time in prayer for them and their families. 

God Bless
Happy Friday y'all! I am spending my day knocking out some school work so that I can enjoy my weekend! What are y'all up to? The opening ceremony of the winter Olympics is on tonight and I am so excited. This even brings so many countries together and it is so interesting to watch.
I have so many great random things to share with you from my week. Let's dive in!

One // Target Shoes... again!!
I feel like every time there is a change in season, Target kills it with the shoe game. I mean seriously, they have the cutest shoes for so cheap. Those are the two pairs I bought yesterday at Target, but I also love these and these.

I am totally letting my freak flag fly here, because I found this video SO interesting. Everyone should watch it because I think many people speak on this topic without really knowing the facts and the visuals in the video make it really easy to understand. My mind was BLOWN! Watch the video here.

Three // Disney in the Rain
My sister and I had a great Sunday skipping around Magic Kingdom in the rain. Y'all, Disney World is the BEST in the rain. Everyone leaves, the lines are short, and it isn't blasting hot for a change. We were SOAKED and couldn't be happier. Love my sister!

Four // Nikes
Coming back to shoes, I love my new Nikes y'all. I got them for 20$ at a Style Encore so keep your eyes peeled at your local Style Encore and Platos Closet because I sometimes find the BEST deals there!

Five // Books, Books, Books
I shared in this blog post on Wednesday about how I find great books for cheap but I hit jackpot on Saturday with the sale going on at my library. I daydream about my classroom library y'all.... again with the freak flag. (:  

Six // Dry Shampoo
You need this dry shampoo people. I have tried several different brands and this one is the best. I would make sure the get the non-scented because their scented ones can be kind of strong. I was at first terrified because when I sprayed it in my hair it turned gray, LOL. However, after brushing it and massaging it in with my fingers you couldn't even tell, and my hair had no oil at all. I have always struggled with oily hair so this is a real jackpot find!

Seven // Gerber Baby
I saved the best for last. Meet Lucas, the first Gerber baby with down syndrome. How amazing is that? It makes my special education heart SO happy.

I love what Heather Avis said about this, "We are in a history making, narrative shifting, bar raising time. I am convinced the day will come when a mom getting a new diagnosis feels the need to high-five her doctor rather than cry in despair." 

I absolutely love the way she worded that. Yes there are countries still aborting babies with down syndrome and to many this may not seem like a huge deal, but for years the Gerber baby represented the "perfect ideal" baby and I think it is only fitting that a down syndrome baby be included. They are just as perfect and ideal as every other baby.

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend. I will talk to you again on Monday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am very excited for this post because so many of you answered my poll on Instagram stories that you wanted to know how I get so many books both for myself to read and for the classroom for cheap. 

I am a total book nerd and never regret spending money on books. I do however only work a part time job and am in college so I don't have unlimited funds to spend on anything, including books. I am also studying Special Education and am working on collecting picture books for my classroom. I consider myself a pro now at getting books for a good price!

I posted this photo on Instagram stories over the weekend and many of y'all wanted to know how I got so many picture books for so cheap! I have 5 tips to share.

I talk about this to everyone because it really is worth the $25 a year. With a membership you save 10% on every purchase and 40% off bestselling hardcover books. You also get free shipping on EVERY purchase online. The best part I have found however, is the coupons they send to you via email. It is crazy how what feels like every week I am getting awesome coupons like, 25% off one item, or $10 off a $30 purchase, etc.. Those coupons, plus the discount is just too good. Totally worth it!

I love this sight!! This is a website that has used books for sometimes only a few dollars and offers free shipping on any order over 10$ which is easy to do. I have gotten several picture books for $3 on this site in great condition when they were selling for $17 at a regular book store. This site is a gem!

3. Used Book Stores
Each of you will have to search and find the used book stores near you. Those of you who also live in the Central Florida area should make a trip to Bright Light Books in Casselberry. This place is organized and easy to find books in. I bring every book in after I read it, get store credit, and then use that store credit to often times get more books without having to pay a dime, not that anything there is very expensive anyways. I can find brand new YA Fiction books for $5 and brand new picture books for $3 both in brand new condition. There is also a Bright Light Overstock Warehouse that is also stocked full of books for usually $1. Again, if you don't live in the Central Florida area, look for used book stores near you and you will thank me! :)

4. Library Sales
I know different counties have different sales with their libraries but the library near me (also in Casselberry) has a store in the library where you can buy books for $.50 or $1. They were doing a 50% off sale this past weekend so I got a TON of children's books for $.25. Isn't that CRAZY?! Check your local library and keep an eye peeled for sales they have on books there also!

5. Garage Sales & Goodwill
Taking a look around garage sales or your local Goodwill can sometimes be a hit or miss but are both good ways to get books for CHEAP!!! 

There you have it! A variety of ways to save money on books! Happy reading friends!

Happy Monday y'all! I am so excited to finally get a post up sharing some big news and life changes!
A few weeks ago you saw on my Instagram stories that I had changed my major to Exceptional Student Education (also known as Special Education) and I was so excited. I have been meaning to write an entire post about it, but have been struggling with how to put it into words.

To a lot of people this change seemed out of the blue. Friends of mine were rather shocked and surprised at how quick I changed my whole life around, but it was something that was stirring in my heart for a long time. 

I will admit that about a year ago, I (sadly) didn't give much thought at all to kids or individuals with special needs. It simply wasn't a part of my daily life and didn't concern me at the moment. As selfish as that seems, I had a lot going on and it simply wasn't my passion at the time. However, the summer after I graduated high school, I read the book "The Lucky Few" by Heather Avis after my mom recommended it to me. It was a quick read about her families Down Syndrome adoptions. Her dedication to shouting the worth of her kids struck a chord and I found myself watching videos of her sweet kids on Instagram in my spare time. I believe this was when God started softening my heart towards kids with special needs.

I started following other families who adopted kids with special needs and I became so passionate about standing up for them. Suddenly, these kids were all I could think about. I work with a few individuals at my part time job who have special needs and I realized how much they really brighten my day (even if they do comment on the fact that I need to wash my hair.. LOL).

One day I was at work when a customer came in with his daughter who had autism, I looked her in the eye and asked her how she was, like I would every customer. She grabbed me by the hand and smiled and in that moment, I knew God was working on my heart and big changes were coming, whether I liked them or not.

I started really enjoying my psychology class and units in my education courses on students with exceptionalities. My professor even spoke to me individually about being a special education teacher and suggested I do some of my intern hours in a special ed class.

I set up about three different dates with three different special ed teachers and was planning on visiting all three before making any big changes. I was at the time an Elementary Education major and although I definitely had developed a soft spot for kids with special needs, it still slightly terrified me. Some of them are loud or have medical issues and I honestly didn't know if I was capable to handle it. Frankly, I was annoyed that God had placed this on my heart, because I was perfectly content with my major and life plan prior. Ah, isn't it funny how we plan our lives and think we are in control?

Well, y'all, it was about 10 minutes into interning in that first special education class that I knew I needed to change my major. The day was chaotic, loud, funny, and so full of love. These kids worked double as hard as any other kid I had seen and were so full of joy. They had their bad moments too, but their personalities were all so different and they came by everything honestly.

I left that classroom that day and went straight to my college to change my major to Exceptional Student Education. I still sometimes wonder what I have gotten myself into, but let me just say this. When God has called you to something, you will not be happy doing anything else. Change is flippin scary y'all, but it can also be kind of amazing.

I now have full faith that God has equipped me to handle the situations that will be thrown at me in the future with his help and I am so stinkin' excited. I mean what other career do you get to stop in the middle of your day and have a full on dance party to GoNoodle videos? I think this is the only one! :)

I pray each of you find what God has called you to do and have passion towards it. Thanks for your support!

Happy Monday y'all! I am so excited to share my thoughts on the books I read during this month. I was hoping to have one more to add to this post but I haven't quite finished it yet so I will talk about that one in February's book post.

Don't forget to comment and tell me your favorite book that you read this month!

I have so many thoughts about this book, and I almost don't know where to begin. I can't say it is the most exciting book I have ever read and the plot is rather random but I can't help but give John Green a round of applause for this book because I have never seen a book explain obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) so well. I get all the feels thinking about this book. Again, not the most exciting book, but a rather quick read and if you want to understand OCD and Anxiety from an author who has clearly experienced it himself, I recommend this book!

Rate: 5 Stars!

Y'all already know I love all things Paris and this book had the whimsical and magical feel of the city and the writing was simple and elegant. I didn't however find it all that exciting to read. It bored me a tad at times. It is a historical fiction book about Ernest Hemingway and his first wife. I always struggle with this genre as is, but this one was at times tough to finish regardless of the beautiful setting and writing. 

Rate: 3 Stars!

Okay I have a lot of mixed thoughts on this one. It started out SO good! Like I could NOT put this one down for the first half of the book, but the thrill plateaued somewhere after the half way mark. This book is about five high school students who get detention but one of them dies in detention. After the police deem the death a murder by one of his fellow classmates, an investigation begins to try and find which of the four classmates killed him. I really didn't see the end coming which is always a sign of a good thriller. I highly recommend if you want a quick easy to read thriller!

Rate: 4 Stars!

I couldn't get into this one. Did any of y'all ever read it? Maybe I will re-try another time because it has gotten great reviews but something about the authors writing style didn't hook me.

Well there you have it! What have you been reading lately? I will talk to you again on Wednesday! 

Happy Wednesday y'all! I am so happy to be back. By "back", I mean out of bed and healthy again. #fluseasonsucks. 

I can't wait to catch up on all the things in a Spontaneous Miscellaneous post on Friday but today I wanted to talk PROM!

Whether or not you plan on going to your prom, you have to admit, looking at dresses is SO fun. It was arguably my favorite part of the whole experience! Ha :)

Sadly, (but not really all that sad) I am out of high school so I don't have another prom to go to. I did however still find a few stunning dresses online that I thought were worth sharing for those of you who do have a prom to go to still! 

First, I will start with a photo from my prom...
... aaah I loved my dress! 

Here are some other dresses I love!

This dress looks like Cinderella, I LOVE!

I would love this dress with the right up-doo and a bright red lip.... yes MA'AM!

An Audrey Hepburn inspired prom look? Absolutely!

I love pink satin!

So sparkly and pretty I love it.

Well there you have five dresses that I just LOVE! What color was/is your dress?

Have a great day, talk to you soon!

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday I had my first classes of the Spring semester and I feel rather nerdy saying that I am excited, haha! I enjoyed the month off for winter break but I am so ready to get back to a routine. I will say however that this semester will be a LOT harder than the last. My professors are just tougher this year and the work is going to be harder. I also am taking five classes this semester so pray I do well!

Today I thought I would put together a full post showing some of my favorite things for school. Cute school supplies make studying far more fun!

One // My Planner
 Oh my word what would my life BE without my planner?? I don't even know. My life is in this thing. I love how cute it is and I really enjoy starting each week with planning out not only what I have to do each day but my overall goals for the week. I also kind of love stickers, if you couldn't tell. :)

Two // My Tervis Cup
I know this sounds silly but I have been through the ringer with cups. I hate to sound like goldilocks but I could never find one that was just right. Either it was too heavy, or too big to fit in my car cup holder, or the cold metal kept hurting my teeth, or the lid would break.. I could not win. This is the true winner of all cups. You can find them in a bunch of different designs and shapes but the one I have and carry with me every day all day and to school also, is this UCF cup. Cute right?? #chargeon

Three // Mechanical Pencils
 These are seriously the best mechanical pencils out there. I know it is kind of ridiculous of me to think this but I seriously feel ready to conquer the world when I whip out these awesome mechanical pencils y'all. #it'sthelittlethings

Four // Monograms for My Binders
Monogram decals are on every single folder and binder I bring to school. They just spice up my solid color stationary ya know? You can also reference my post here on how to get free preppy stickers sent to you, since we all know by now, I LOVE STICKERS!

There you have it. The four things I never go to school without. Have a great spring semester y'all! YOU GOT THIS!!!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited to be back in a routine. My life will be even more organized next week when classes start back. I have a feeling this semester is going to be a good one!!

I have several recent favorites to share with you today, but I also just did a post on Wednesday recapping my year 2017. I shared all of my favorite moments, TV shows, movies, books, outfits, etc.. You can read that post here.

Let me now introduce you to my recent favorites!

One // Funko Pop Figures
This is possibly the most random favorite I have ever shared on here, but have y'all heard of these things?? I am OBSESSED! I totally made fun of my cousin and sister when they got into them but no joke, I love these little things now. They have a Pop figure for every show, book, series, everything! I currently have the Buddy the Elf one, which I got for Christmas, along with the Cat in the Hat one because I love Dr. Seuss, haha! The ones I really wish I could find are the FRIENDS characters but they are sold out most places and people are only re-selling them for oh, you know, 70 dollars a piece. #nothappening
Do you have some? A bunch of them? None yet? Think I'm crazy? Let me know!

Two // Speak Out
I have never laughed so hard in my whole life y'all. My parents, sister, grandparents, aunt, and I played this game on Christmas day and I may have peed a little. I wasn't shocked to hear that Ellen created this game because it's just so darn stupid and hilarious. You need to play it!!

Three // The Greatest Showman
Okay y'all. I'm not playing when I say this movie (and soundtrack) is inching it's way up my favorite movie list. I am so in love with the casting, the music, the acting...and Zac Efron of course. #hubby
Go see this movie in theaters RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!

This has changed my long run game. I would always time my long runs to swing by my house for water every couple miles because I would be so thirsty. I finally decided just to try one of these handheld bottles. It is great! It holds enough water to get you through a long run, but not so much that it feels you're running with a weight in one hand. It can also fit my iPhone in it so I don't even need my running belt any more. Lastly, you don't have to unscrew anything to drink out of it. No water spills out or leaks either. All you have to do is tilt backwards and squeeze and it will squirt water in your mouth. This thing is a win!

Five // The Bachelor is BACK!
WAHOO! I am diggin' Arie so far. The group of women seem good too so far so I am so in. Y'all know this means that Sheaffer is recapping each episode with every ounce of wit and humor she has. I love that lady!

Six // Football Y'all
UCF beat Auburn and Alabama beat Clemson! This past Monday was definitely a favorite.

What are some of your favorites from this past week? Comment below or email me and let me know!

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