Saturday, August 6, 2022

Excellent Movies in the Theaters Right Now + Regal Unlimited

 This summer has been the summer of movies for me. If you haven't been to the theaters recently, now is the time to go. I got Regal Unlimited in June and it has been well worth it.

What is Regal Unlimited?

For $18 a month, you can go to an unlimited amount of movies for the entire month at any Regal Theater. You also save 10% on all non-alcoholic beverage and food purchases. With movie tickets being anywhere between $13-$16, this is a fantastic deal. If you go to at least two movies, it has already saved you money. If you want to see these movies I am about to share (which I highly recommend), then you should think about getting the Unlimited Pass. 

Here are some of the movies I've seen recently that I really enjoyed.

Top Gun: Maverick

This sequel to the 1986 classic, starring Tom Cruise came out this summer and it was EVERYTHING. This movie had all the nostalgia original fans crave, insanely attractive men in flight suits (and not in flight suits *wink*), and an adventurous plot that will have every viewer on the edge of their seats. Watch the trailer here.

I have seen this movie in theaters four times already and plan to go again soon. I really can't encourage you enough to see it... but in case my word doesn't hold enough weight.. here are Miles Teller and the boy's abs to win you over.


Grab your grandmothers and head to the theaters to watch them drool over Austin Butler, who absolutely killed it as the King of Rock n' Roll. I liked the way this movie was laid out similar to a documentary but with added glamour and plot twists. I had never known the story of his manager Colonel Parker and thought Tom Hanks slayed that roll as well. Watch the trailer here.

Where the Crawdads Sing

If you loved the book (or even if you've never read it) you have to see this movie. I was blown away by their ability to create a magical setting so clearly like the book describes. This movie has an overarching thriller theme while also incorporating romance, science, and drama. The ending of this movie was just as awesome as it was in the book and will leave you completely shocked. Watch the trailer here.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

I just went and saw this sweet movie a few days ago and am still thinking about how precious it was. This movie felt very girly and short and would be perfect to bring your mom or girlfriends to. Watch the trailer here.

Those are some of my favorite movies in theaters right now. Have you seen any of them? What have you been watching recently? 

Chat soon. xoxo

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