Wednesday, April 6, 2022

February & March Reading Recap

 It is my birthday y'all and I am so thrilled to celebrate with my family after school today!

Today we are celebrating some great books that I have read over the last two months. Let's dive into the nitty gritty shall we?

Eliza Starts a Rumor by: Jane L.Rosen

This is the story of a young suburban mom who starts a rumor on the online neighborhood posting forum without realizing the disastrous consequences it would take on the other women both in and outside of her circle.

I really enjoyed this book and found that it was light but also engaging at the same time. It is easy to read through in a short period of time. 

Rate: 4 Stars

The Love Hypothesis by: Ali Hazelwood

Two scientists start fake dating as a way to conceal a secret and the lie spirals into something more.

I really can't express how much I hate this book. The characters were lackluster at best. The romance was icky. The cover is ugly. The whole premise of the book was stupid. I just clearly hated it. If I could give a book zero stars, I would. 

Rate: 1 star (if that)

Rock Paper Scissors by: Alice Feeney

Adam and his wife go on a winter weekend away in Scotland to try and fix their marriage, but the trip is not what either of them had planned. One of them is lying about how they "won" this trip, and they won't both make it out alive.

This book was FANTASTIC. The setting of this story was so captivating and the alternating point of views really hooked me. There is a MAJOR plot twist in this book that I did NOT see coming. This is a great thriller if you're in that kind of mood.

Rate: 5 Stars!

Spilled Milk by: K.L. Randis

This is the true story of Brooke Nolan and how she survived an abusive childhood and brutal home life.

I feel like it is weird to say how much you liked a book when it deals with such heavy topics but this book was very eye opening. It is unimaginable some of the things Brooke went through and how different people handle different situations.

Rate: 5 Stars

The Soulmate Equation by: Christina Lauren

A single mom matches with an acquaintance she doesn't particularly like on a new DNA dating app experiment. 

I really liked this easy and sweet romance book. It isn't something I will remember down the road or rave about to a friend, but it was cute. It is an easy pool side read that won't leave you emotional or exhausted after. 

Rate: 3 Stars

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife by: Ashley Winstead

Six friends unite for their college reunion. It is also their first time being all together since the death of their 7th member. This time, an avenging third party is determined to expose one of them as the killer.

Yowza this book was a lot. I like thrillers that take place on a college campus and the alternating time lines was also really fun for me. The amount of characters made the storyline a little harder to keep track of sometimes, but I thought overall it was a really good thriller. The ending wasn't what I expected and I recommend.

Rate: 4 stars!

That' s all for today's wrap up friends. I hope you enjoy a good book or two here soon and share any good recommendations with me. Chat soon!


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