Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Cute, Inexpensive & Breathable Face Coverings Vol.2

Happy Wednesday friends! I am so happy because I am finally done with my summer classes!!! Although this coming Fall semester will look a lot different than I thought, I can't wait to start my student teaching. I am so excited to be out of the college lecture halls and be in the special education classroom teaching some cute kiddos. 

We did hear officially, that we will be required to wear face masks while teaching. This wasn't necessarily a surprise and I am trying to stay positive. One way I am staying positive is by finding really cute and fashionable masks to wear. If it is going to be required, it might as well be cute right?

If you missed my first blog post on face masks, where I shared a lot of my favorite face coverings, head here to read it. 

I have found several more cute face masks since that blog post, so buckle down girl, I got you covered.

I love absolutely everything that this shop makes and was so thrilled to get one of their face masks. How cute are these?? You can grab one for yourself here.

This shop has over 77 listings of bright and preppy face masks. You can find them here.

How cute are these by Gap? I love their reasonable price point and that you get more than one! They are so classic and will go with a lot. Click on any photo above to shop!

BaubleBar is known for their adorable accessories so I am not surprised that they would slay the mask game! I love several of their two packs, but this gingham five pack is the cutest!!

Katie Kim has some of the cutest stationary and her masks are just as cute! You can find them here.

How cute are these preppy face masks? I own this hydrangea one and absolutely love the shape and feel of it. Not to mention, I am obsessed with hydrangeas! You can find all of her masks here.

I was so surprised to see a home and furniture store selling masks but these are so cute! They are reversible and have a vintage floral pattern that come in an assortment of styles and sets. You can shop them here.

These might be some of my favorites! Look how cute these bright designs are? You can find them all here.

I love this brand and their beautiful coastal inspired handbags, so it isn't surprising how much I adore their cute face masks. They have several singles, two packs, and larger assortment packs too. You can shop their options here.

If you are looking for preppy seersucker face masks, look no further because these are adorable! You can find all of their options here

I love Tasha and think she is so talented! I have had her add fabric to a favorite dress of mine before and have seen so many of her beautiful custom pieces. She makes the CUTEST face masks with matching headbands. You have the option to buy them separately as well, but I love how they look together. You can find her on Instagram here

Other Etsy Favorites

Here are a few other cute masks from Etsy that I thought might strike your fancy. Click on any of the images above to shop!

Well there you have a large round up of cute masks. Please wear your mask folks. If there is even a 1% chance that the experts are correct and it could save a life, than it is WORTH WEARING ONE. 

Don't forget to also head to my first blog post here to see what my ultimate favorite face masks are! 

Lastly, head to my Instagram here and enter on my most recent post to win one of these cute face masks!

Have a great rest of your week everyone. I will talk to you soon.


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