Friday, April 12, 2019

Spontaneous Miscellaneous | Birthday Recap & What to Watch

Happy Friday everyone! I have had the best two weeks and I am on such a high from it all. I want to recap some of my birthday celebrations today and then share some recent favorite movies, shows, and videos that you might enjoy watching too. Lets dive in to this post!

Birthday Celebrations Recap

Beach Day!
My friend planned such a fun beach day of shopping and relaxing by the ocean and we had such a great day.

I LOVED the coverup and swimsuit I wore and their both SO cheap from Amazon. Such a fun time!

Disney Mini Golf and Family Dinner
I love Disney Miniature Golf and was excited to go back to Winter Summerland. We did the Winter course a couple years ago and loved completing the Summer course this time. This place is so cute and we enjoyed popsicles afterwards.

The next day, my grandparents came over and we enjoyed a dinner of all my favorite foods. This is a tradition in my family. Every year on my sister and I's birthday, our Mom makes a meal of only our favorite foods. My meal consisted of corn pudding casserole, broccoli salad, green beans, and coleslaw! Family time is always a good time.

Shopping Day!
Yesterday my mom and I had a great day shopping. I always prefer to save my money and use it all at once instead of small shopping trips over the course of the year. We always look forward to this shopping trip together and it was SO fun. We always go to Five Guys when we shop for some reason (LOL) and it hit the spot. I can't wait to share my cute clothes with you over time here on my blog and Instagram.
We also came across a Free Little Library. How cute are these? You can take a book and leave a book and they hold more than I thought. This one had little benches around it so you could grab a book and read right there. I love these little things and hope more pop up around Orlando!

Solar Bears TIME!
Tonight, my dad and I are headed to see the Orlando Solar Bears game for their playoffs! I have my jersey on and I am ready to go!

Recent Favorites 

One // Unplanned

I don't have adequate words to describe the impact this movie had on me and many others I know who have seen it. This is the true story of Abby Johnson, the youngest clinic director for Planned Parenthood. This film uncovers her experience working for the largest abortion provider until she saw something that changed her life. This is also the story of her family and the abortions she had when she was young. This is such a powerful movie and I recommend you go see it, regardless of if you are pro-life or pro-choice. GO SEE THIS ONE.

Two // Good Girls 

This show y'all is SO fun. This is the story of three moms who have to commit a series of crimes in order to support their family and it is so funny. It has the perfect mix of humor and suspense and the dynamic between these three women is great to watch. Netflix only has one season and apparently there is a few more episodes on Hulu and live TV. I am booking it to a friends house this week to catch up on the recent episodes y'all because I am obsessed.

Three // American Idol 

My mom, sister and I have always watched this show together and think our favorite this season is Wade! That guy can SING. Who is your favorite?

Four // Make a Wish Music Video

Ashlin is a seven year old living with end stage renal disease and her wish was to star in a music video that goes viral. This video is adorable and you can help make her wish come true by watching her video and sharing on social media!

Five // The Perfect Date 

I am so happy Netflix is bringing back teen rom com movies and Noah Centineo is pretty much in all of them. Yes ma'am. This one is so cute and easy to watch. Pop some popcorn and enjoy!

What have you loved watching recently? I hope you enjoy your weekend.


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