Wednesday, April 3, 2019

March Book Recap & Reviews

I can't believe that March is over and it is officially my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Only a few days left before I turn 20, agh. I am not ready!
Let's recap some of my favorite books from this month!

Last month I ended with a disappointing read, so I of course had to pick up a book I knew I would like. Kasie West to the rescue. There has yet to be a book of hers I don't find to be so cute and FUN. 

This story is about Lily, an edgy girl with a dream of becoming a songwriter. She is an outsider in her school but has a wonderful best friend and loving family. While bored in Chemistry one day she writes a few lyrics from her favorite song on the desk. The following day she receives a shocking surprise. Someone has continued to write the lyrics. Thus begins a deeply vulnerable routine of leaving letters for each other. The anonymity eventually gets to Lily and when she discovers who her secret pen pal is, she is shocked and finds her world is about to change. 

I loved this story and although the beginning was a little slower than some of her other books for me, I found it equally enjoyable and adorable.

Rate: 4 Stars

The Accidental Beauty Queen by: Teri Wilson
This is officially my favorite book of 2019. Yall, I loved this one. I blew through this one in under 24 hours and it was everything I could want in a book.

This is the story of Charlotte, an elementary school librarian, who goes to Orlando, Florida to cheer on her twin sister in a beauty pageant. However, when her twin has an allergic reaction and can't compete in the pageant, Charlotte has to step in. This book was glitzy and girly, but also had a ton of book references and nerdy moments. I repeat, it was everything I could want in a book.

If you read one book I recommend in this post, MAKE IT THIS ONE! ITS A GEM!! P.S. I think Teri Wilson is just about the cutest author ever and love following her on Instagram.

Rate: 5 Stars!!

The List by: Siobhan Vivian
I have never heard of this author or book but thought the storyline sounded interesting so I decided to pick it up at the used bookstore. I read the description and thought it would be like any other cheesy YA book set in high school. Boy was I wrong. This book was way more intense, heartbreaking, and wise then I could have expected. This book made me feel things y'all. I just wish I had read this in high school. Not only would this book have been super interesting to read and inspired a great discussion among the other high school girls, but would have also taught valuable lessons.

This book is about a high school in which every year, before the homecoming dance, The List comes out. The List features the prettiest and ugliest girl in each grade. This story follows the girls on The List as they navigate the already stressful and difficult world of high school while taking on this new title.

These characters are all so complex and I felt so attached to some and not others. I bet however that everyone who reads feels that way about different characters. That is what I love about this book. There is bound to be a character that you can relate to. I immediately assigned people I knew in high school to each of the characters and felt like I was back in school. The only thing I didn't like, was the ending, but I highly recommend this one to everyone, especially to high school girls.

Rate: 4.5 Stars!

Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss by: Kasie West
This is Kasie Wests' newest book and the last of hers that I haven't read so I was excited to get into it. I had heard so many people say they really didn't care for this book, so I went in with lower expectations. There were definitely some cheesy moments and dialogue that made me cringe but I still thought the storyline was cute and enjoyable.

This book is about a young actress who is chasing her dream of acting full time while also trying to balance school work and her new relationship with her father. Everything is going smoothly until she discovers that someone is trying to sabotage her experience and negatively influence the decisions of the director. You follow the main character as she tries to decide if it is her hot co-star, best friend on set, or her new movie-critic tutor.

Rate: 3 Stars

What books did you read in March? I will talk to you soon.


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