Wednesday, April 17, 2019

10 Girls Night Movies on Netflix & Amazon Prime

Happy Wednesday y'all. I am so excited about this post because I love a good chick-flick. I have found several on both Netflix and Amazon Prime that are just too cute.
Some of these movies are old and some are newer but I hope you find a good one regardless to watch this weekend. Click on the titles to watch the trailers of each movie.

This one has everything I love. A country singer and a small town. This one is super cute and if you like country music and small southern towns where everyone has each other's backs, than you will love this one. 

Surely we have all seen this one right? This is one of my favorite movies of all time and love Reese Witherspoon in this film. If you haven't watched this one DO IT. Legally Blonde comes and goes on Netflix so watch it while it's on there now.

I watched this one a few days ago and y'all, it is SO swoon worthy. This is rated R but I believe it is just for a little language near the beginning of the film. I love the concept of two rivaling Italian families with pizza shops in Little Italy. The romance in this movie is steamy and cheesy (pun intended). WATCH THIS ONE Y'ALL!

This Netflix original teen rom-com is quite cute and I love Noah Centineo in these Netflix movies y'all. The concept is hard to explain, so watch the trailer. Or better yet, watch the movie!

This movie has been out for a while but I have always LOVED this one. Jennifer Lopez is great in this movie and it will make you and your girlfriends laugh out loud. Such a classic movie!

Who doesn't love a good Nicolas Sparks movie for a girls night in? The Notebook is obviously a classic favorite of his and I was so excited to finally see it on Netflix. Get the tissues ready girls.

If musicals are your thing (and even if they aren't) you should get your girls together to watch Hairspray on Netflix. Hellloooooo Zac EFRON, heart eyes. I love this movie and soundtrack.

This movie (based off of the books I loved) is so cute. I have talked about this one before, but I love these sisters, and the main character Laura Jean is such a dreamer. The acting in this one isn't as good in my opinion but the storyline is so easy to love.

I have talked about this one before too but this one is such a feel good movie. This is about a girl who falls for a guy who she only ever texts and talks to on the phone. She is scared that he isn't going to like her as much when he sees her appearance in real life. UGH so good.

The best for last! This was one of my favorite movies of 2016 because these women are so incredible. This movie is uplifting, entertaining, and empowering. Everyone I know has enjoyed this movie and although this isn't a cheesy chick-flick like the rest, I had to mention it now that it's on Prime. 

Are there any that I missed? Leave your favorite movies for a fun girls night down below! Have a happy day.



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