Friday, March 8, 2019

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have had a great week. This week has technically been my spring break even though I haven't done much other than studying for my first teacher certification exam. Needless to say this Spring Break has been rather stressful, but I have had a few enjoyable moments too. Let's get to talking about some of my recent favorite things, because that's what we do on Fridays!

One // The Bachelor … whaaaaaaaat?
Can we take a moment and talk about this past weeks episode? Ugh. I was really looking forward to the infamous fence jump, but didn't expect it to be after such a sad moment. I have never been team Cassie but was especially angry after Monday's episode. Poor Colton. What do y'all think will happen? Who do you want for Bachelorette? I want Hannah B(east)!! Let me know your opinion. 

Two // Jonas Brother Reunion .... whaaaaaat x2?
I about flipped my lid when I heard the Jonas Brothers were getting back together. I immediately started reminiscing and listening to all of the music I loved in middle school. Were you nervous their new song wasn't going to be as good as their original stuff? Because I was! No worries though, because Sucker, their new single, is the bees knees everyone. I have sang along with the Jo Bros in to my karaoke microphone almost every day this week. #noshame 

I was so happy to receive some happy mail this past week and immediately threw them on. Stacy's earrings are so beautiful and lightweight. You can use my coupon code: JGRCEBLOG for 20% off your order from her. 

Four // Chicken Salad Chick
I ate lunch here with a friend today and realized I don't think I have ever mentioned this restaurant on my blog before. My family goes here at least once a week because it is seriously that good. There are only a few locations scattered in the south, but if there is one near you, you need to go. They serve so many different flavors of chicken salad along with yummy sides. The inside is adorable, the food is delicious, and you never leave feeling super stuffed. 

Do y'all follow this girl? She posts great workouts and healthy recipes. I have started my workouts these past two weeks with her H.I.I.T workout from this video and it is hard. It has progressively gotten easier and I have added more rounds of it to make it more difficult. I love combining it with some of her other workouts. She has so many to choose from!

I always like to include another blogger in these posts that I love following so you can follow them too. Carly has a great blog where she shares all about fashion, food, life, books, and other fun things every day of the week. I never miss a blog post of hers, and neither should you!

Well there you have it. I hope you have a great weekend! What are some things you are loving right now? Talk to you soon friends!


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