Friday, January 11, 2019

Spontaneous Micellaneous | Spring Semester Begins!

Happy Friday everyone! I am already having a great star to my weekend. I had a great teaching day, time with my grandparents, and a little bit of shopping. 

I love these blog posts because we get to catch up and chat, while I share alllll my favorite things.  

This week has been a little crazy, but I am really to blame for that. Spring semester started this week and I missed my first day of class because I thought it was a Tuesday-Thursday class. Well, after showing up and sitting in a room Tuesday (and confidently telling my peers that it was indeed my Environmental Science class and not their Astronomy class), I realized I indeed had the wrong day and had already missed my first class. Can you say embarrassing? The semester is really starting off strong. 
I went to class the following day, Wednesday, for the correct class and was called out by my professor for not being there the first day. You could say we didn't start on the right foot. (: I figured it's better he just know straight from the start that I am a hot mess express. Choo Choo. 

Let's start talking about my recent favorites, shall we?

Tidying Up on Netflix
It's funny that I am sharing this as a favorite when I have only watched one episode, but after doing so, I took three bags of my clothes to Goodwill. Needless to say I am a little scared to keep watching, ha! Marie Kondo is a bestselling author and a big believer in relieving your home of clutter. She tells everyone it is important to only keep what truly brings you joy and it is so refreshing. I am not someone who keeps clutter and I love organizing so it wasn't hard for me to get on board with this lady. She's awesome and y'all should watch it!

If you get anxious or queezy when traveling (or anytime) than you NEED these. I was looking through my blog and couldn't believe I hadn't shared these with y'all yet. They are on me at ALL times. When I fly, ride in cars, or have an upset stomach, I pop one of these ginger guys in my mouth and immediately feel the nausea go away. They are a staple. 

These girls YouTube and Instagram is incredible and so inspiring. They share great ways to have a daily devotion, journal, and get to know God better. You should follow them y'all!

How cute are these book tees that are on sale right now! I ordered two myself, but wanted to share now in case they are no longer this cheap when I post them. I love these witty quotes and everyone says they are super soft. If you're a total book nerd like me, you might just want one.

Well there you have it. What have you been up to or loving recently? 

Talk to you soon!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading! I can't wait for my tees to come in (:


  2. LOLOL! I've deff walked in the wrong room before. Can't imagine sitting in one! I've been subbing lately and sometimes I don't even remember what period/class it is and have to ask the students ha!

    1. Okay, glad I am not the only one! HAHA! I swear I do it at the beginning of every school year, since 8th grade! I just can't get it together! LOL :D

      Good luck subbing for the rest of the year... Power to ya sister!



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