Friday, November 2, 2018

October Book Recap & Reviews

Hi y'all! It is time for my favorite blog posts. I love sharing what books I have read each month and hearing your suggestions. This month, due to being very sick for several weeks, my reading was very limited. You can find some more recommendations from my past month recaps here

Let's talk books friends!

Save the Date by: Morgan Matson

Last month, I read two of her books and really loved both of them so I couldn't wait to read her most recent release. This story is about a girl in high school whose family comes back together at her family home for the wedding of her older sister. This story is so cute, but made me so anxious. This book read a lot like a movie where everything that could possibly go wrong with this wedding did. This family is all over the place and this wedding planning was so chaotic. 
Other than the fact that my nerves were a wreck the entire time I was reading, it was a really cute book. I couldn't wait to recommend to a friend, who also is obsessed with all things weddings. I highly recommend this one!

Rate:  4.5 Stars!

Whisky in a Tea Cup by: Reese Witherspoon
I love a lot of movies that Reese Witherspoon is in and I love everything from her clothing and lifestyle brand Draper James. Obviously, when I heard that she published a book about growing up in the south, I knew I had to read it. I was so excited to order it, but found out my mom had ordered it before I even had a chance, haha! We both laughed out loud at how accurately her book represents women from the south.
One of my favorite things about this book is that she portrays the southern women in her life as smart and strong women who have a big heart. I always hated that the often stereotype is that classy southern women are inheritably uneducated and weak. She portrays them in the correct light though while still being truthful to the ideals we hold high, such as hot rollers, monograms, and lipstick. Amen! Not to mention, the photographs in this book are stunning. Way to go Witherspoon!

Rate: 5 Stars! 

Someone Like You by: Sarah Dessen
I have heard so many people talk about this author every time she publishes a new book and so when I saw one of her books at a used book store I couldn't help but give it a try. I was still in the mood for light reading and I have heard her books are great Young Adult books with touching storylines. I liked this story but didn't love. It made for a fun quick read, but isn't anything I am going to remember for a long time. 
This is the story of two best friends, who experience a reverse in roles after one of the girls boyfriend tragically dies and she discovers she is pregnant. This story is all about the strength in friendships and first love. 
Although this wasn't my favorite book ever, I look forward to reading some of her other ones.

Rate: 3.5 Stars!

Becoming Mrs. Lewis by: Patti Callahan
This is the story of C.S. Lewis' wife, based off the letters they wrote to one another and this book is beautiful. The writing is so eloquent and charming and I really had no idea what they had both been through. I have not finished reading this book quite yet, but I am really liking it so far!

What have y'all been reading this month? I will talk to you all very soon!


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