Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Great Books for Winter

Hi everyone! Although I live in Florida and we don't really experience a Winter, I thought I would still create a list of great books for this cold time of year that the rest of you are experiencing. (:  If you didn't catch my Fall Book List you can check it out here. Those books could also be great for Winter as well. 

The Great Alone by: Kristin Hannah

Oh my word y'all. I loved this book by Kristin Hannah. It came SO close to The Nightingale as being my favorite book ever. It is set in Alaska where this family learns that the winters there are very harsh especially for the mentally unstable. This story spans over several years as a broken family deals with sickness, injury, mental health, abuse, and so much more. This one is a tear-jerker but SO SO GOOD PEOPLE!

Where'd You Go Bernadette by: Maria Semple
I wasn't particularly a huge fan of this book, but so many people are, so I thought I would throw it in this list. It is funny and light but also has a very cold and wintery setting.

The Simple Wild by: K.A. Tucker
This is another story set in Alaska and it is perfect for this cold time of year. This book isn't as large or emotional as The Great Alone but it is still very deep and takes on challenging topics.

By Your Side by: Kasie West
If you are looking for a sweet YA Romance for Winter, this is the perfect book for you. It is set in a library during a snowy winter and it is short and sweet. I love this one!

Have a great Wednesday everyone and a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving tomorrow! I am so thankful for y'all (:


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