Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My Favorite Movies on Netflix

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have had so much going on lately, including a second job which I am SO excited about. I have however still found time to watch some good movies on Netflix and I wanted to share them with you. Pop some popcorn and get comfy y'all. I am sharing movies that are new and released only on Netflix, along with movies I have loved from the theaters or in the past that are now on Netflix also. Click on the titles of each of the movies to see the trailer.

New On Netflix:

This one is based off the trilogy that I read last year and loved. I was at first slightly disappointed by the movie (because duh! the book is always better), but after watching it a few times, I have to say it is so cute. This is a cheesy rom-com that is very entertaining and so fun. I recommend it for a girls night!

This one also features the hottie Noah Centineo, and is a really deep and emotional rom-com. This covers the topic of body image and I thought the characters did a great job. Once again, just a really cute and fun movie.

This movie is also based off a book that I read and LOOOVED a few months ago. Because I loved the book so much and it was written completely in the form of letters, I was worried the movie would be a huge disappointment. Although the movie definitely took creative liberty with the story line, it worked. It really worked. It is obviously missing details the book has and leaves certain events out, but the movie is just as charming as the book and is cast PERFECTLY. I HIGHLY recommend this charming story (and the book too of course).

Older Movies Now on Netflix:

If you know me you probably know that this movie is tied with ELF as my favorite movie of all time (don't worry, they are nothing alike). This is a story set in a 1980's hair salon and it is funny, heartbreaking, and southern. What more could you want?? Go watch it!

Marvel fans, you surely already know this is on Netflix now right? I am not a huge Marvel junkie, but have to admit this one was great and has excellent representation. If you didn't catch it in theaters, you can now watch it at home!

Talk about a tear jerker. My mom and I read the book of this true story a couple years ago and went last year to see the movie in theaters. It was beautiful. Again, this is a true story, and a tear jerker, but it is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. Grab some tissues and WATCH THIS!

Don't judge I know this is a children's animated movie but I LOVE this one. My sister and I loved it so much in the theaters we made our parents watch it too and y'all, we all laughed out loud. It was such a hit. This movie is so adorable and funny. Great for a family night that the kids and adults in the room will love.

Okay, so this is a total cheesy Disney movie starring Selena Gomez but my sister and I were OBSESSED with this movie in our early teens. Like, learned-every-dance-move obsessed. If you were weird like us, you will be happy to know, it is now on Netflix.

This isn't a movie but I just had to mention it anyways! I love a good baking show, mainly because the creativity of people under pressure blows my mind. This baking show is a race against time and contestants use some of the strangest flavors to create delicious desserts. Check this one out!

Well there you have it folks. What are some of your favorite Netflix movies out right now? Let me know! I will talk to you again soon!



  1. Guernsey was so good! I loved the movie, and now I have the book on my to-read pile.
    I just noticed The Same Kind of Different when I was flipping through Netflix the other day, and I will definitely have to watch it now!

    1. I highly recommend the Guernsey book! Same Kind of Different is SO good also. Thanks for reading!


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