Friday, November 10, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy to be close to the weekend. I am heading to Epcot with my bestie tomorrow and I am SO excited. We are going to taste all the foods from different countries around world showcase and ride Test Track! I can't hardly wait!

I do have some recent favorites to share with y'all from this week.

One // Wonder
I am so pumped to see this movie and have heard several teachers talk about how great the book was as a read aloud in their classroom. I am all about entertainment showing kindness, and that being what this book is about I had to pick it up. I just started it today and am already half way through. Now granted, it is considered a children's book so it is an easy read for most adults, but I wanted to read it before seeing the movie next week! Have you or your kids read it? 

This speech went viral a while ago but like always I am late and just discovered it. You have to watch all the way through. Let's just say I will never not make my bed now. :)

Y'all may or may not know that my favorite place to buy mickey ears are from The Ears Shop. Their ears are much smaller than others, even the ones at the parks and are great quality. They have so many cute patterns but I am warning you, they sell out quick at each shop opening.

Four // Aaptiv
This is again, something I have only started recently but my 7 day free trial is almost up and I have REALLY loved it. This is an audio fitness app with a ton of different styles of workouts that you listen too. It has KILLED me y'all. Like I haven't hardly been able to walk this week. I suggest looking it up and checking out the app. You can also do a 7 day free trial so why not! I apologize for your pain in advance. Have any of you used it before?

Well there you have my favorites from this week. Enjoy your weekend! I will talk to you soon.



  1. I LOVED Wonder and I can't wait to see the movie with my middle schooler!

    1. Oh goodie! I am so excited to finish the book!


  2. Great book by great writer. Check your workout performance at Body Fat Calculator for free.


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