Friday, September 29, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous - Fall TV Edition

Happy Friday everyone! I was so happy to be back in a normal routine this past week and be back to a normal work and school schedule.

I have a lot of favorite things to share with y'all today! Let's first start off with TV because I am OBSESSED with so many exciting Fall TV shows that I recently started/ continued watching! Here we go!

My Favorite Recent TV Shows:

The Good Doctor

OMG Y'ALL! I have seen the commercials for this show for a long time and have been so thrilled for it to come on! It is on ABC and the main character is so talented. He plays an autistic young man who is a surgeon. He does a fantastic job and this is my new favorite show at the moment. Catch up on the show here and then tune in next week for the second episode!

Designated Survivor

Y'all already know that I obsessed over this show during the first season and I have been not-so-patiently waiting for the second season to start. The first episode of season two came on Wednesday night and it was pretty good. It had a slow start but knowing how intense the first season got, I expect things are about to get CRAY!

Anne With An E

Oh my word y'all. I don't know about you, but I grew up LOVING the sweet movie Anne of Green Gables. Well there is now a rendition of it on Netflix that is broken in to 45 minute increments. It is absolutely phenomenal. I don't think there was a single episode where I didn't cry, but if so, I definitely made up for it with the last episode. My eyes are still recovering. Season 2 is coming on Netflix "late 2018" so I am sure my mom and I will watch it over again together before that comes out. I highly recommend it!!!

Fuller House

I haven't finished watching the third season yet with my sister but we were thrilled to see it is back on Netflix! So cute!!

My Favorite Things This Week:

Football Is BACK

I LOVE having football season in full swing! There is nothing better to me than spending a Saturday with the TV showing games on the whole day. I know for some people, having the TV on all day is annoying, but when it is football, I am so happy. Hearing Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler's voices calm me :)

Miss Louisiana Ventriloquist

Miss Louisiana didn't win the Miss America competition but she did win the talent portion. When I heard that she was going to be doing a Ventriloquist act I was kind of shocked. She did really good! I don't know how people can sing and yodel in different voices with their mouths CLOSED! Mind blown!

Clinique Acne Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment
This stuff is amazing. I was recently breaking out a little more on my face and was using different drugstore brands but they seemed to both my skin more. Now I use a gentle face wash and put this stuff on all over my face each night and my skin is starting to clear up again. I am so happy! It does smell kind of funky and dry up your face but that is exactly what I needed. I have oily skin so it works great for me.

Momfessionals Blog

I have told y'all about Andrea's blog before but it is my absolute FAVORITE and daily must-read. Her style is so different but cute and her kids are the stinkin cutest things I have ever seen. Her blog and style is nothing over the top and she is so honest which I love. She teaches middle school at a small Christian private school and seeing pictures of their homecoming week and everything the school does makes me want to teach at one like it SO much. It is just so sweet.

My Favorite Moments This Week:

Interning in 3rd Grade

Y'all already know I am in college for Elementary Education and for one of my introductory education classes I am required to do so many observation hours in schools. I was so thrilled to go and spend the day in a 3rd grade classroom last Friday. I went to the class of my high school Sunday School teacher who I am pretty sure is the sweetest lady I have ever met. I had the BEST day. It further solidified my love for this career! I can't wait to model my classroom community after hers.

Riding My Bike

I have loved getting back into starting my day with exercise. With the change in schedule from Summer to Fall, I have not been making enough time for exercise. This week I have biked at least a quick 5 miles every morning just around the neighborhood before starting my day and I have LOVED it. Some nights too I will walk a few miles before I change into sweats and call a quits. Exercise is SO important for your mental and physical health and I have loved getting back into it. Also, on a completely unrelated, but yet still related note, how AWESOME is it when you can match your workout equipment of choice?? ;)

My Favorite Fashion Finds This Week:

This girls Instagram is SO cozy. I never knew an account could be described that way but hers sure is. I am more of a bright colorful person whereas her whole feed, style, and home are neutrals but for some reason I am obsessed with her style. I am dying to wear some cardigans!!

La La Life Blog

This girl has a great lifestyle blog and is always great about sharing her outfits for work throughout the week. I am obviously interested because she is a 5th grade teacher so her outfits are always so cute! She is also an avid reader and I get a lot of book recs from her book posts! Love her!

Football Tees!

Speaking of my love for football, how cute are these graphic tees! I love this season.. but you already knew that ;)

Well I hope y'all enjoyed! I will be talking to you again after this long weekend full of studying is O.V.E.R! Talk to you later!

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