Saturday, July 29, 2017

BIG Spontaneous Miscellaneous!!

Hiya pal! Happy Saturday. I have taken the week off of blogging to have some FUN and I can't wait to share all of it with you. These are my favorite types of posts because I get to share my favorite memories, fashion finds, and other random favs from the past week with y'all. Let's get on with this!

My Favorite Things This Week:

Disney World Annual Pass!
If you follow me on Instagram you already know this but my sister and I bought an annual pass to Disney World which we haven't had since we were kids. To say we are thrilled wouldn't even begin to describe it. I love living here!

My last post last week was a book recap, sharing every thing I have read in the past month or so and I have loved hearing on Instagram, some of y'alls book recommendations also. I thought I would update you though and let you know that I did finish "The Devil In Pew Number Sever" and can say it was INCREDIBLE. I can't believe that it is a true story that happened right here in America. It's a must read.

The Movie "RV"
My family watched this together and LAUGHED our BUTTS off! It was hilarious! You have to watch!

Favorite Moments This Past Week:

Spending time with my Momma!
My mom and I had big plans to go to a fashion show but plans changed a little bit and I really had the best time just driving around and eating dinner with my sweet Momma. It is rare that girls my age want to spend time with their mothers but mine is just the best! We have too much fun together and she always makes me laugh!

My Sister Playing in the Church Band!
My sister's church youth band got to lead worship for the whole church on Sunday and it was GREAT! She was so stinkin' cute up there with her guitar jammin out!

Going to Magic Kingdom
My sister and I have made two trips to Magic Kingdom this past week after getting our passes and boy has it been a blast. The first time we went during the day and we were SO hot. We definitely enjoyed last night better because it was a tad cooler. Check out my Instagram to follow along on our Disney adventures. Love this girl!

Favorite Fashion Finds:

I went to a local boutique and found the COMFIEST denim shorts and they were this brand. So stretchy and comfortable too.

Checkered Shorts
These are so stinkin' cute but run small! If you order them, make sure to order a size or two up.

Snow White Ears
How cute are these detailed mickey ears from this etsy shop? I can't wait to wear these in the parks.

That's about all I have to share today! Expect plenty of blog posts coming up this week. I will talk to you soon!


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