Friday, June 24, 2016

What to Eat, Shop, and See in Winter Park, Florida

Hello friends. Let me introduce you to where I hope to one day settle down with either the future President of the United States or Tim Tebow... Winter Park Florida. This is the most charming of cities. 
A small home like this would be a great place to spend my life playing croquet in the back yard with my husband as he wears a Ralph Lauren button down with khakis and I wear a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress right before we jet off onto the lake in a pontoon boat with a few golden retrievers and children.........A totally casual and simple life.... I see it ;) 

On a more serious note however, I would love to one day live in this area and live closer to a large lake or  Park Ave, which happens to be my first recommendation. This street is lined with shops where civilians stroll with their pups, or business men discuss things over a glass of wine on an outside patio restaurant. There is something for everyone here....Including a Lilly Pulitzer

When it comes to shops I have a few absolute favorites. Adjectives is a must see if you are an antique lover like me. This is a large and quite organized antique store that has everything from furniture. to clothes, to posters which I had to purchase for my room. (Sidenote: They also had an old croquet set which I thought could be a good investment in my future but I decided to turn the $150 set down after much consideration.) This store does have something for every taste.

My all time favorite however would have to be Owen Allen. Oh. Dear. Lord. I could go HAM in here. Now this is a more expensive store but wow. I have no words to describe it to you. Y'all know from my recipes page that I have a thing for awesome table settings and decor and this place is FULL of just the cutest table settings and cookbooks. I die. 
(The cashier may have looked at me a little weird because I was probably the only 17 year old girl that walked in there to buy a book on the art of napkin folding but I am quite ecstatic :D )

Others that I love are Life is Good, Alex and Ani, Gap, and Walk on Water.

My mom and I tried somewhere knew (thanks to a recommendation from a friend I work with) called Toasted. Y'all it is literally a place specializing in grilled cheese. Yeah. You're welcome. Because sometimes you just need a grilled cheese with pulled pork and mac n' cheese on it am I right? Not to mention this place has the best fries eva!!! Also, there is an extensive gluten free and vegan menu...WIN!

AND right next door??? Small Cakes Cupcakery. While sitting on the front patio enjoying our grilled cheese we saw everyone getting dessert to-go from this bakery so we decided to follow suit. Later that afternoon while at home we tried the cupcakes and they are probably the best I have ever had. They top the cake for me in bakery's (no pun intended!). Once again there are gluten free options here too that are pretty amazing as well. They taste just like regular cupcakes!

One of my families favorite thing to do while we have guests in town is take them on the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour. This is the best way to really see all of Winter Park at a glance. 

There are also many art museums to check out and food festivals that happen every so often as well. Speaking of food, I think Winter Park has a pretty good Farmers Market! Remember this post??
Overall just a beautiful place with a great charm. Hope you stop on by your next time in Central Florida. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email me!

Talk to you very soon!


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