Thursday, April 7, 2016

'God's Not Dead 2' Movie Review

Hey gang. It's movie review time! I meant to get this up sooner but I have been swamped. Yesterday was actually my birthday (I turned 17) and wanted to take some time off blogging and what not for the day. 

I have got a good movie review for y'all. If you didn't see my movie review of the first God's Not Dead movie two years ago (here) make sure to read that as well. God's Not Dead 2 is incredibly engaging and very well made. It has a lot of the same great cast from the first movie with several new people in it as well. I highly recommend you go see it.

(Yep, Sadie Robertson is in it for you Dancing with the Stars or Duck Dynasty fans!)

Need I say more ladies? ;)

After answering a students question about a relation between Jesus and their lesson that day, high school history teacher Grace Wesley is put under a microscope and asked to apologize. When she refuses, the school board threatens to revoke her teaching certificate and take her job. She hires a young (and beautiful) lawyer to defend her in court in a means to keep her job without turning her back on God. After her lawyer Tom tries to prove that Jesus is a historical figure and was of relevance to the lesson, the jury is left to decide what they believe to be true.  

My Thoughts:
I am always amazed at how well these movies really access and use facts in these arguments. All the evidence they use are from actual historians and investigators.  This is such an intense movie. I am always one to love a good court session and debate but this one really had me questioning who would come out on top. The prosecutor was a PHENOMENAL actor and very persuasive. However, the young defense attorney defending Grace Wesley was not only smart, witty, and beautiful ( have I mentioned that already?), he also had to defend her as a non-christian which I thought was an interesting angle of the story. This is very well made, flows well, and is truly an informative and touching film to watch in theaters before it leaves!

What You Need To Know:
With this being a film with Christian viewers, there is no foul language, sex, or violence. Just intense acting and beautiful actors ;)


Well I hope y'all enjoyed and have fantastic Friday tomorrow! I will talk to you very soon!



  1. I've heard from friends that this movie is really good! I didn't love the first movie, as it was a bit too cheesy for me, but I definitely plan on giving this a try and I think the concept is fantastic. I'm currently reading "Man, Myth, Messiah" by Rice Brooks, which is the basis of all the evidence used in the movie. I totally recommend it!
    xx Heidi
    PS- I really love your blog! Just wanted to let you know :)

    1. AW Heidi thanks!!! I LOVE your blog too :) I have really been wanting to read that book after seeing the movie! Hope you enjoy seeing it. I love this movie more than the first because all the facts and evidence proven isn't just acceptable before a class in school (like the first movie) but before a court of law. Very interesting! Thanks for the sweet comment!

      Juliana Grace


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