Thursday, March 24, 2016

Zootopia Movie Review

Hey Y'all! I am sure you have all been hearing buzz about the release of the movie Zootopia in theaters and I am here to share that it is every bit as great as people believed it would be. Disney does it again.. a fantastic kids movie with an entertaining adult message. Here's are all the deets!

When Judy Hopps becomes the first rabbit to join the police force in the land of Zootopia where all kinds of mammals populate the city, she realizes her size makes it hard for her to be taken seriously. She hops (no pun intended) on the chance to solve a mysterious case in attempt to prove she is serious but finds that those involved and her unlikely partner might be more dangerous than she thinks.
My Thoughts:
I had heard that this movie had a few humorous adult scenes and a great message for all adults and kids and they weren't kidding! This movie has a great message about not letting your size, gender, or any societal classification keep you from living your dreams regardless of how many people don't believe in you. This movie is funny, entertaining, sweet, and flies by quick (always a sign of an intriguing movie). I would definitely recommend you go see it!
What You Need To Know:
Now this is a Disney Cartoon rated PG so naturally there isn't going to be anything you should guard your kids from. No violence, no sex, and no inappropriate or foul language. You are all good parents! :)
Watch The Trailer:
Well I hope you are convinced! This is a great movie and ranks up there with some of my favorite Disney animated movies. Give it a go! Talk to you soon!

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