Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Events of the Bible: Othniel and Ehud- Weekly Devotion

Good afternoon everyone! As you know, we are continuing to work our way through each and every event of the bible in hopes of knowing both the bible and God better. Here we go!
What We Read This Week:
Israel (again) sinned against the Lord. They intermarried with Canaanites, forgot God, and worshipped false gods. The Lord punished them by letting the King arrest them for eight years. Israel finally called out to God and he released them. After 40 years of peace however, Israel made the same mistakes. The Lord punished them by having the sinister king Eglon to rule over them. He had alliances with those who wanted to kill all of Israel. Again, those of Israel called out to God and he rescued them. Othniel and Ehud were sent by God to help deliver Israel.
Relating it to Your Life:
Oh geesh Israel come on! You would think that the people would get the idea by now that they are making the same mistakes right? But don't we continue to go back to our old mistakes and then have to call on God for help. Just because God is so quick to forgive us, doesn't mean that we should return back to doing wrong. I am guilty of this. I ask God for contentment and as soon as I have that, I return to wanting what someone else has or wanting something differently.
If you need a little boost in your prayer life here are some ideas of things to talk to God about this week as we think about this devotion.
1. Pray that God will not only save you from the wrong that you are doing now, but ask for strength to NEVER have to go back to it. EVER.
2. Give praise and thanks to God that regardless of what we do wrong, he is there to listen and help.
3. Pray that those who are currently leading our country and those that will soon be leading our country, will be able to call on God for help. America needs your prayers and so do our leaders.
Next Weeks Reading: Judges 4,5

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