Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Events of the Bible: Moses Dies & Joshua Assumes Command- Weekly Devotion

What We Read This Week:
God did not let Moses enter the Promised Land. Although Moses was a righteous man, he had disobeyed God and did not believe his word. God did however allow him to look over the promised land before he died. Moses stood with Joshua before he died to let everyone know that he would be their leader. Joshua's name means salvation and to many his name was the same as Jesus. Joshua, like Jesus, brought God's people into their promised blessing.
Relating it to Your Life:
If you have no idea who this Jesus guy is then don't worry, we will learn about him a bit later :) The story of Moses and Joshua both show us that though God may not make it evident that he used you in a big way, he might be using you as a puzzle piece into a bigger picture. If you pass up the opportunities God puts in your life or disobey him, you might be having an effect on others down the line. God is always using you so listen and obey. It is important.
Next Weeks Reading: Joshua 2
 Hope y'all enjoyed! Talk to you very soon!

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