Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Daddy's Home" Movie Review

One of my favorite kinds of posts to write... It's a MOVIE REVIEW!!
This movie is about a family with two kids, a mom and a step-dad living a somewhat normal life when suddenly the biological father comes back in town and tries to win back his family. This comedy with Will Farrell shows the insecurities of both dads as they try and out-do or one-up each other.
 My Thoughts:
Honestly I give it a B-. It was funny at parts and stupid at other parts. There were times where I really was slapping my knee laughing but most often, the script was cheesy and fake. I didn't feel attached to any of the characters nor did I really like any of the characters all that much. You don't really know who to root for. Like I said, funny and pretty well made, but not fantastic. Thankfully it isn't a long movie so you don't have to sit through the silly potty humor for too long.
What You Need To Know:
There is some crude language at times and a few cuss words that were definitely unnecessary and added to the "trying-to-hard" humor of the movie. There are a few references to sex but no inappropriate scenes in that sense. I recommend this for ages 13+.
Watch The Trailer:
There you have it folks! In case you were thinking about seeing it, don't have high standards and you should enjoy it. Having good company can definitely make this movie better and even funnier at times!
Have a great hump day!

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