Monday, November 16, 2015

Events of the Bible: The Levitical Priesthood Begins ~Weekly Devotion~

What We Learned This Week:
As the Tabernacle was constructed, the Lord gave special duties to different groups of people. The Levites were in charge of carrying the Tabernacle and serving under the sons of Aaron. They were not given a special area of their own in the Promised Land because the Lord was the be their inheritance. The priest of the Old Testament taught the people about the perfect priest that God was going to send one day. Now we do not need the Levites, or anyone else besides Christ to be our priest.
Relating This to Your Life:
Let's keep it short and sweet tonight. Do not ever depend on the church, the pastor, the bible study group, or the Christian friends to save you from struggles. Only God can do that. Depend on God and ask Jesus to come into your life in order to be forgiven and to always have someone dependable to help you through problems.
This Weeks Reading: Numbers 9-20
I hope y'all all have a great start to your week. Lets pray that I can get over my cold and get back into the swing of things tomorrow :) Talk to you very soon!

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