Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Events of the Bible: Moses' Birth ~Weekly Devotion~

What we Read This Week:
Joseph had been dead for many years when a new pharaoh ascended the throne. The pharaoh feared the children of Israel, who were increasing in number. He caused the Israelites to become slaves. He also ordered the Hebrew midwives to kill all the Israelite baby boys when they were born. But the midwives feared God and did not obey the pharaoh.
During this time a Levite who had taken a Levite wife had a son. To keep him from being killed they hid him in a basket made with bulrushes and tar. While bathing, the pharaoh's daughter found him. Placed strategically to watch the baby, his older sister came forward and asked the princess if she would like a nurse for the baby and went to get the baby's mother to nurse him for the princess. Pharaoh's daughter was pleased and named the baby Moses.
Moses was now safe from the edict of the pharaoh because he lived as the son of the princess.

Relating it to Your Life:
There are several different approaches you can take to this story but one main idea that I got out of it while reading was that some times God calls us to make hard choices that we don't always see the good in at the moment. We have to trust that he will make everything happen for the good. Like Moses mother did.

This Weeks Reading: Exodus 3-12


I know that is a longer reading but I am sure you can do it! Talk to y'all very soon!


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