Monday, August 10, 2015

Events of the Bible: Famine in Egypt- Weekly Devotion

What we Read Last Week:
Pharaoh had dreams and remembered that Joseph had the ability to interpret dreams. He called for Joseph from prison, and Joseph told Pharaoh the meaning of the dreams, making it clear that it was God who gave him the ability. The dreams indicated that there would be seven years of famine in Egypt after seven years of plenty. Pharaoh placed Joseph second to himself in command of all Egypt. Joseph set up storehouses for grain during the years of plenty so that they would have food during the years of famine. During the famine, Josephs brothers came to buy grain from his but did not recognize him. Joseph revealed himself to them and Pharaoh invited Joseph's father and entire household to come to Egypt and live in the land.
Relating it to Your Life:
I don't know if y'all remember from last week, but Josephs jealous brothers were the ones who got him in the whole mess of prison, slavery, etc... Joseph however must have been very forgiving because at the end of all of this, they came and stayed with him. Forgiving someone and trusting God to deliver, will take away all anxiety and make life easier. Joseph's road to this point wasn't easy, but he had faith and didn't waste time being angry at his brothers or God for too long.
This Weeks Reading: Genesis 29-36, 46-50
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