Monday, July 6, 2015

Events of the Bible: Isaac and Rebekah- Weekly Devotion

What we Learned This Week:
As we know from last weeks devotion, Isaac is one of the sons of Abraham. Abraham wanted to find a wife for Isaac before he died because he didn't want him marrying a Canaanite woman. Abraham sent out a servant to find Isaac a wife and the servant prayed that God would deliver a sign. Whichever woman offered to also feed the camel along with him would be his wife. Rebekah, did just that. God provided the sign they needed and she was the perfect wife for Isaac.
Relating it to Your Life:
God delivers in strange ways and I think this is a perfect example of patience when it comes to finding someone. The servant could have just gone out and picked the first girl he saw as Isaacs wife but instead he waited on the Lord. Turns out God had the perfect woman for Isaac and all their prayers and patience paid off. I have prayed for my future husband for years and hope that he too will be patient and wait on Gods will for his life like I am trying to do as well.
This Weeks Reading: Genesis 25: 19-34 ; Genesis 27:1-46
Side Note: Since this is a longer reading and I wont be posting next Monday (more on that Wednesday), we will have two weeks to read and we will pick up the devotions the following Monday.
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  1. This is such a wonderful devotion! It really shows the importance of trusting in God ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. True that!! Life sure would be less stressful if we trusted him with everything wouldn't it?? ;) Glad you liked it!

      Juliana Grace


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