Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7 Project: 7 Days With No Internet- Month 2

Happy Wednesday everyone! I thought I would pop on here and share with you why there hasn't been a post updating you on month 2 of my 7 project/ experiment.
First of all, I would like to announce that after Month 1 of eating only 7 foods, that I thought I would NEVER want those foods again but to be honest, even though I almost cried with joy at the thought of a scrambled egg July 1st, I have a totally different mind set about food. I felt so good after Month 1 that I really haven't changed up anything. Obviously I can now eat what my mom cooks and actually have a meal out with my friends but I am truly more thankful for my food now and really hope I can keep a grateful attitude through out the rest of my life because of 7.  
These past 7 days you have not heard from me on here because I went completely unplugged! For month 2 of my 7 project, I went 7 days with no internet or electronics of any sort. I will admit I still used my phone for calling my parents if I needed too but other than that and checking online to get my work schedule, I used no social media or internet (this is including the TV and Netflix). I thought this would be harder to be honest. A week really does fly by fast but in a sense, I enjoyed every minute of this week. I didn't just "quickly check up on some youtube" and an hour later realize I had things I actually wanted to get done. This week my room stayed pretty clean, I read through two books, my devotion time with God each morning wasn't rushed, and I enjoyed peaceful time with my family more. I realized this week how truly blessed I am by the little moments in life that I probably pass up all the time because I am looking at some form of internet. I had a night of playing charades with my entire family and laughing my head off. Meals weren't just quick, but lasted sometimes an hour, and they were so fun. I am not going to lie, I am happy to be back in a routine of blogging and I am glad I can google things again, but I hope I never let technology take away moments with my family and with the Lord. I highly encourage you go unplugged for a week and see what happens. 
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