Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nailed It! April Monthly Manis

Guess what todays post is?? Today we are recapping what my fingers and toes have been rockin' this past month. This month I didn't switch it up as much as I did last month but I LOVE the wraps I have been wearing.
Not only do I ADORE this Betsy Johnson watch but I love these Country Club nails. These are a more simple design by Jamberry but I love them. These go with a ton and can mix and match with nail polishes easily also.
These have been my toe nails the whole month. Jamberry nail wraps stay on the toes for an entire month so this month I just left them on there with a pink polish. Not to mention I love my Tommy Hilfiger Sandals :)
Agh it is me in a nail wrap! I LOVE these so much and they are so me. Navy and nautical styles are so my style so I love these a ton! The Nautical wraps are perfect for me and matched a lot of my outfits.
Nailed It!
I know this isn't many for a whole month but that is what I love about Jamberry. If you want to change them out you can but if you don't they stay on fine! You can read my original review here. I hope you enjoyed. What have your nails been wearing this past month? Comment below or email me with any thoughts or questions. Talk to y'all soon!


  1. Oh, I love all of these! Especially the nautical wraps ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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