Monday, May 25, 2015

Events of the Bible: Hagar and Ishmael- Weekly Devotion

Happy Monday everyone and thanks for reading the devotion for today. I hope you enjoy it :)
What we Learned This Week:
As we recall from last week, God promised to give Abraham a lot of children to rule over the lands. Well as Sarah, Abrahams wife, was getting old she still had not bore any children. So Sarah told Abraham to take her maid, Hagar for his wife so they could have children together. Abraham did so and Hagar became pregnant. Before she had the baby, Sarah acted harshly toward Hagar and Hagar then fled. God told Hagar however to return and that her and her son whom she was to name Ishmael would be safe and prosperous.
At the age of ninety, Sarah did eventually become pregnant and had a son named Isaac. Out of pure jealousy at a celebratory feast Sarah had Abraham cast Hagar and Ishmael out into the wilderness. Hagar was afraid of death and called upon God. God protected them, and made them a great nation.
Relating it to Your Life:
Oh Abraham. What a perfect example of doubting God and his promises. We read last week about all that God had planned and promised to Abraham and his family. Yet he still doubted God and took matters into his own hands. This is so often how we take promises from God. He might say over a hundred times in the Bible that He promises to be with us and that we shall not fear, yet we so often take situations into our own hands to make them less scary rather than trusting God. So sad. If Abraham would have just trusted God imagine all the drama that could have been avoided. If we trust God with every little and large situation in our life, imagine how much drama and pointless struggles we might avoid also.
What we are Reading This Week: Genesis 18-19
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P.S- I also just want to say since it is Memorial Day a special thank you to all the brave men who have served for my country. I am truly thankful and pray daily for you and your families who wait or have waited patiently at home for your arrival. God bless y'all.

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