Monday, April 13, 2015

God's Covenant with Noah: Events of the Bible- Weekly Devotion

Happy Monday everyone! We are back with another event of the bible today. Click on the icon below to see all of the events we have covered in order so far.
Weekly Devotion
What we are Learning This Week:
The last two weeks we were all supposed to be reading Genesis 9:1-17. This is a more detailed version of part of the last event The Flood. Often in the Bible, God made promises to men. When God makes a promise it is called a Covenant and the first covenant that was recorded in the bible was his covenant with Noah. After God flooded the earth he promised Noah and all the creatures with him that he would never flood the earth again. This promise was not only made to Noah but with all the generations that descended from Noah and his sons all the way down through history to this generation. The rainbow was a sign of this promise so we can remember it every time there is a rainbow. God has kept his promise wouldn't you say?
Relating it to Your Life:
When God makes a promise he keeps it. End of story. Doesn't that give you such peace? There are so many more promises in the bible that we know God will keep and that makes me so happy.
This Weeks Reading: Genesis 11
Comment below or email me with any thoughts or questions. I have some new things coming your way soon here so keep your eyes peeled. Have a blessed week. God Bless.


  1. This is such a great post! We can all use this reminder ♥
    Amy xx

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