Monday, April 20, 2015

Events of the Bible: Tower of Babel- Weekly Devotion

Happy Monday everyone! Did anyone watch the ACM's last night? I love country music so it was right up my alley. Comment and tell me what you thought about it if you saw it.

What we are Learning This Week:
The whole earth at this point spoke one language. They all gathered together to build a tower into the heavens and became sinfully proud of their accomplishments. So God caused them to speak many different languages causing them to scatter around the whole Earth.
Relating it to Your Life:
This is quite simple. Pride can separate you from God and others. Giving the glory to God makes everything in your life simple and worth wile. The language barrier that was to come kept many people from being able to witness to others because they didn't speak that language. Too much pride and greediness could lead to a barrier between you and those you are trying to witness too. Simple as that. Glory to God. It all belongs to him anyways!
This Weeks Reading: Genesis 12-13

Don't forget to comment below or email me with your thoughts and questions. Don't forget to continue your reading this week also. See you next week as we continue on with this great series, working our way through the bible.



  1. What a great devotion this week! I always seem to forget about this passage ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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