Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cinderella Movie Review

Hi everyone, happy HUMP DAY! I don't know why but every time I say that, I think of the Geico Hump Day commercial. Google it. Anyways, today for Whatever Wednesday, I am sharing my thoughts on the new Cinderella.
As expected, it was a major success. The movie completely captivated me and I felt like it was a dream the whole time. The story we all have known finally came to life and it could not have been more perfect. The characters were spot on with how I imagined they would be, playing out the realistic fairytale role quite nicely. The mannerisms of Cinderella were so elegant and exactly as a princess should be. The evil step mother and step sisters, father, magical fairy god mother, and Prince Charming, were all so perfect. There is really no other word than PERFECT! If you haven't already gone to see it then definitely do so because it will capture your attention the whole time and not to mention the Cinderella dress was beautiful. There weren't too many special effects but still enough to make it magical as it should be. You gotta love Disney :) Definitely worth seeing.

Whatever Wednesday
I hope y'all enjoyed! I will see you on Fashion Friday! Comment below or email me of course!


  1. Great post, Juliana! I really want to go see it now! If I don't, I'm definitely going to pick it up when it comes out on DVD. I just went to go see Insurgent the other day. you should definitely go see that movie or get it when it comes out. :)

    1. You so should! Ah you saw Insurgent?? I want to see it although I haven't read that book yet! Was it good?? Thanks for the sweet comment.

      Juliana Grace

  2. What a lovely review! I've been wanting to see this so bad ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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