Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pumpkin Cake Pops for Fall - Sweet Saturday

Hi everyone! I hope all of you have had a fantastic week. I can honestly say my week has been pretty awesome. This week is homecoming week at my school so I have had the pleasure of dressing up for different themes each day at school, awesome pep rally's, and a great football game. Tonight I am going out to a nice dinner with my friends so expect an outfit post featuring my look soon! If you want to see some pictures of my costumes/ outfits for the themes this week at my school go check out my twitter!

A week ago my sister went to a party with some friends and we baked pumpkin cake pops to bring to the party. These are super adorable for fall and aren't too hard to make. I will warn you, these do take practice. Our first time making cake pops were a complete fail so don't be discouraged if it doesn't turn out perfectly for you at first. The method I describe that we use below is how we find works best and taste the most delicious. The equipment we bought to hold the cake pops and melt the chocolate isn't necessarily needed but is recommended if you are going to making a lot for a party or making them often. The equipment isn't cheap but it is super helpful and adds to the greatness of these treats. I think I have blabbed on enough so I will go ahead and show you how to make them!

-Cake Mix of your choice
- Frosting of your choice
- Candy Melts in Orange (you can find these at Michaels)


You are going to first start off my baking the cake as usual. The cake mixes you get at the grocery store will do just great! After you have baked that, let it cool completely! This is imperative if you want them to turn out ok. 

After the cake is completely cooled you are going to throw it into and bowl and mix it and mash it together with your hands to combine it with the frosting that you have.

Once all the frosting and cake are combined, take your hands and make small balls and place them on parchment paper. You don't want to make these too big or else they will later fall off the stick and be too heavy. After you have made all the cake balls put the pan(s) in the refrigerator for 4 hours. This is crucial as well. Go and catch up on some other chores and let these chill in there for the full time!

After that time, you are going to melt the candy melts in a bowl of any type on defrost setting for 30 second increments in the microwave, stirring in between. This is also very important or else your candy won't become liquid enough to dip the cake in.

Once you have melted the Candy Melts, stick the tip of the stick in the melted candy, stick the stick in the cake pop, and proceed to dunking the rest of the cake in the melted candy. You want to be patient and let it drip off the cake pops so that way it isn't making a mess of your display.

In between dipping, while the melted candy hardens on the cake pops, stick the sticks in Styrofoam. 

Once your have dipped all of them and placed them in what ever holder, or decorative display you like, keep the cake pops refrigerated until ready to be eaten. We wrapped our cake pops in clear cellophane bags you can find at Michaels and then tied off the bottom with a cute pumpkin ribbon.

Then you are done! If you give these a try let me know in the comments or email me! 

Hope you enjoyed! Talk to you soon!


  1. This is such a good idea, you could even make christmas theme ones x

    1. I have several ideas for Christmas themed ones, maybe peppermint or red, white, and green ones even! Glad you enjoyed this post.

      Juliana Grace


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