Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Outfits of the Week!

Hello everybody! I hope all of you had a great week and weekend! Today I am showing you the outfits I wore last week! I hope you enjoy and if you would like to see more than comment below! On Tuesday I got a haircut which is a little shorter than my last one so I have some shots of that in there too! Enjoy!
Day 1- Monday, September 8th

Shirt: Target
Shorts: Loft
Watch: Brighton
Shoes: Sperrys
Day 2- Tuesday, September 9th

Shirt: Grand Old' Opry in Nashville TN
Shorts: Gap
Day 3- Wednesday, September 10th

I didn't have enough pictures of my outfit so here is one of my dog Prissy that day :)
Shirt- Wet Seal
Tank- Wet Seal
Shorts- JCrew
Necklace- Kohls
Day 4- Thursday, September 11th

Shirt: Kohls
Shorts: American Eagle
Watch: Amazon
Day 5- Friday, September 12th

My dog got a hair cut that day and had bows in her ears so hence another pictures of my baby :)
Navy Tank: Gap
Scarf: Gap
Navy Watch: Charming Charlies
Ring: Charming Chalies
I hope you all enjoyed! If you have any suggestions for posts comment below or email me!
Talk to you soon!


  1. You are just beautiful! You also have great style!

  2. super cute outfits and i love your haircut :)

    1. Aw! Thank you... I love it too because its so much easier to manage :) You have a great blog. Thanks for stopping by!

      Juliana Grace

  3. Lovely outfits :)

    1. Thank you!!! You have such a cute blog! I appreciate the comment!

      Juliana Grace


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