Wednesday, August 27, 2014

If I Stay Book vs. Movie

Hello everybody! I hope all of you are doing well! Today I am going to be comparing the book and movie version of 'If I Stay' which recently came out in theaters! I have done this before with both The Fault in Our Stars (here) and Divergent (here). I picked up this book a couple days before I saw the trailer for the movie and was super excited to compare them together! I did a full review of just the book under the book list tab (here).
As always, the movie can never measure up to the perfection of the book, nor can it fit in all the small details we love in writing! I can say however, that the movie did a marvelous job portraying the mood and emotions of the characters from the text to the big screen. I am always super meticulous about small details and I wasn't the least bit disappointed.
The movie definitely focused just the right amount on the romance, family, and music which I thought was magnificent. I loved how spot on the character Adam was played because when I heard the book was becoming a movie I was praying they didn't turn Adam into a cheesy character and they didn't which made me super happy. They made him true to himself which was very evident in a lot of the scenes.
One thing I wish they had spent a little more time on however, was Mia's relationship with her best friend Kim. In the book you really come to love her too, but in the movie she is kind of just there, not really playing a vital role.
The family and the accident scene were both portrayed quite nicely and the characters were just how I pictured them. The ending of both the book and movie however, are just horrible because you demand more answers! 
I OF COURSE recommend reading the book first because you will definitely appreciate the movie more after doing so. In my opinion, this movie was.. dare I say it... better than The Fault in Our Stars movie because I just felt more in tact with the characters emotions like I did with the book.
By all means go see this movie after reading the book, and bring tissues... you will need them!
What did you think of the book or movie? Comment below or email me!
Hope you enjoyed, talk to you soon!


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