Monday, August 18, 2014

Coming After Christ- Weekly Devotion

Hello everybody! I hope all of you are doing well. Today I am sharing a devotion that touches on a subject that I have been thinking about recently.
People often compare a relationship with Jesus to a relationship with a friend of a parent-child relationship or even a love-hate relationship, but you never really hear pastors or anyone compare it to a romantic relationship. This sounds quite strange I know but recently I have been thinking; how many more people would know about my great God if I talked about him as much as us girls talk about our relationships with other boys. 
I all the time listen to girls or guys talk about the amazing time they had with their boyfriend or girlfriend the other night as they show pictures, brag, and rave on about how amazing they are. I wonder sometimes what would change if we Christians started talking in class about the GREAT time we had in our devotions chatting with God the other day, or if we raved about how amazing and sweet God is! What do you think would happen? I think that we would see a lot more people curious about this God fella' we talk about.
However, if we don't talk about him or rave about how awesome he is, do you think people are going to think we love him? No, probably not! 
Most likely, when you start a relationship with your boyfriend ladies, or girlfriend guys, you want everyone to know. If you don't talk about it, how are people going to know you are dating? How are people going to know how crazy you to are about each other? This could easily be applied to our relationship with Christ.
What is the craziest thing you have done for someone you liked, had a crush on, or someone you loved? I bet a lot of you could name some pretty crazy things you did all for the person you loved because you simply were just in love with them. Sometimes I think about the weird crazy things I have done to get a boys attention that I likeband than try and think about the crazy things I have done because I love Christ. I mean to be honest, if I had a boy I liked or was dating in one of my classes at school I wouldn't be missing that class for any ole reason because I probably really wanted to see him, however, I go to bed past 11 and I wake up and might make the whole "I'm tired" thing an excuse for not going to church early that morning. Now that isn't a deep deep love now is it? Now think of the crazy extent Jesus went to because he was just so crazy in love with you. He had thorns put through his head, he carried the cross which is no easy 5lb lift on his back for miles, had nails put through his hands a feet, was beaten, made fun of, spit on, and killed, all because he was mad in love with you and wanted to give you the best gift he could give; forgiveness.
I don't know about you, but until recently, I never really put it into perspective that way. I never really thought about comparing my relationship with God to a romantic relationship. It does work however, because I now know that there is a guy that went through such a horrible horrible death, because he was crazy about me. He was, and still is, madly in love with me, and all he is asking for is a little of my time. Jesus just wants to talk to me and spend time with me and you.
Whenever you feel that you aren't loved remember what Jesus went through for you. If you have any thoughts feel free to comment down below or email me!
I hope y'all enjoyed! Talk to you soon!

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