Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It is time for my monthly favorites! This month went by super fast however I do have a few things I have been LOVING and can't wait to share with you! Lets see em'!

Makeup/ Beauty:

Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator - This has been something I recently decided to purchase and I instantly fell in love with it! This product is known for leaving a seamless glow to the skin. You can either put it on before foundation, mixed with foundation, or in replacement of foundation for a healthy glow. I have used it for all of the above! Great for giving you that Jennifer Lopez glowing look.

Clinique Curl Mascara - This mascara has been a favorite of mine for more like a year but since this is my first favorites post I decided to include it! I have been loving Clinique since I was 12 years old and they are certainly known for their mascaras and how long wearing they are. This one is my favorite out of all of their mascaras because it makes my eyelashes really noticeable! This product is the bomb!

Fashion/ Nail Polish:

Vera Bradley Black Wristlet- This wristlet has made life extremely easy when going somewhere quick. I recommend this for when you are going somewhere and you just need your phone and some money. There is even some slots for cards and a pouch for change. This wristlet has been coming everywhere with me and I want one in every color now!!

Bright Pink Nail Polish- During my spring break when I was outside I loved wearing hot pink nail polish because it makes your hands and feet look more tan! Pink is also my favorite color so having it on my fingers and toes makes me happy!


All of Me by John Legend- LOVE THIS SONG! Wish I could learn this on the piano!! Maybe I should first learn piano...

All About Us by He is We- Don't know why I suddenly became obsessed with this song but I have lately been listening to it a lot and falling in love with He is We!

Movies/ T.V Shows:

Star-Crossed on CW - This new show has actually gotten me hooked! It is about this alien played by Matt Lanter ( <3 ) who kind of has a complicated romance with a human girl. This show is rather odd and different but I have come to like it and tune in every Monday at 8 oclock to watch!

Switched at Birth on ABC Family- This show has always been a favorite show of mine! The first several seasons are on Netflix and the new season is now on T.V and I am still in love! Had to give my favorite show a little shout out!

16-Love- This movie is rather cheesy let me warn you however I thought it was adorable and I love playing tennis so I enjoyed watching this cute romance that kind of revolved around it! Cute movie to watch with little sisters if you have one! You can find it on Netflix!


Walking- I know this sounds odd but I have actually really gotten into taking walks with my mom about two or three times a day. We just walk about a mile or a mile and half every time we go. Walking is known to be on of the best exercises for every person and every body part. Walking is also known to boost your metabolism. It relaxes me and I always look forward to doing it every day!

That is all for my March 2014 Favorites! What have you been loving this month? Let me know by shooting me an email!

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Talk to you soon!

Juliana Grace <3 


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